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Even Flow provides gutter, dryer vent, and window cleaning, as well as power washing services,
to keep the exterior of your house spotlessly clean.



Even Flow Services provide the best power washing for building exteriors, giving them a complete makeover.



Even Flow Services offer reliable dryer vent cleaning, keeping your home or building safe.


Does your gutter need cleaning? Even Flow Services gets the job done right from start to finish.



Even Flow Services provide the best window cleaning service for residential and commercial buildings.


As a Veteran owned and operated company, Even Flow Services mission is to provide the service quality and work ethic that you are looking for. We specialize in Soft Washing, Pressure Washing, Window Cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning-Repairs-Installation, and Downspout upkeep. Whether your need is residential or commercial, we can deliver top rated Exterior Cleaning Services for your home or business.



power washing


The grime that has accumulated over the years can be difficult to wash away even with a power washer. Even Flow’s power washing services for a spotless finish. Power washing uses hot water that makes it easier to remove the dirt. If you think simple washing is not enough, have it power washed.

dryer vent cleaning


A dryer is a must to a home or a business establishment but, an uncleaned dryer can cause damage your home. A burning smell is a sign that the dryer is not working properly. When your dryer is giving off a burning smell, stop using it. Chances are debris clogs the vent opening.

gutter cleaning


Having your gutters cleaned by professional cleaners removes the risk of accidental breakage because of mishandling. It also lessens the damage caused by the wrong type of cleaning material and cleansers.

window cleaning


Your home is your sanctuary – it may look similar to the one down the street, but it’s, in fact, a reflection of your individuality and personality. We understand that very well, so we tailor our services to meet the unique needs and requirements of your property


Hiring professionals to clean the exterior and windows of your property is the safest way to go.
It is also the most cost-effective in the long run.

Pressure Washing

Even Flow employs experienced and skilled power washing specialists. These people know how to handle all kinds of projects around your home. The company provides them with the right equipment and cleaning products so that your decks, siding, sidewalks, gutters and more are thoroughly and safely cleaned. Our company prioritizes our clients, and we guarantee 100% satisfaction. If you are not happy with our service, you can give us a call, and we will fix the problem.

Why not hire Even Flow Services? We have the experience, the right, and modern equipment, as well as environment-friendly cleaning materials for our Delaware Power Washing Service. 

Our Professional Exterior Cleaning Services:

Provides semi-annual or annual processes that clean and kill mold, algae, fungus, moss, lichens, and other contaminants from the exterior of your home.

Offer semi-annual or annual Dryer vent cleaning that keep your venting system clear and clean of blockages. Allows your dryer work more efficiently and prolongs the life of the machine. Most importantly it keeps hazardous fires from happening in your home!

We provide Gutter cleaning following the Spring tree shedding/dropping of leaves and seedlings, as well as the big fall clean out. Regular scheduled Gutter Cleaning keeps your gutters/spouts properly draining and dispersing the rain water at least 6ft from your foundation walls. Rain gutters that are not cleaned regularly can lead into huge damages and unnecessary expenses. Basement flooding, erosion of flower beds, Fascia wood damage, and rain leaking and dripping inside your home.

Window cleaning is provided in the traditional (mop & squeegee) techniques or our higher sought-after Water Fed Pole, 4 stage filtration system that give you spot free cleaning/rinsing. Our 4 stage filtration system strips and buffers the water molecules of impurities so that they give you a remarkable spot free result. With our 35’ extension pole we safely reach 2 and 3 story windows safely and with ease.

Ultimately, our services provide overall Curb Appeal to your home.

Even Flow Services provide affordable and high-quality service. We are committed to helping you keep your property perfectly clean without causing any damage. Through our past experiences and the feedback of our previous clients, our services have become better and better.

For all your residential and commercial cleaning needs, you can rely on Delaware Power Washing Service to do the job right from beginning to end at a price that you can easily afford.
We are open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday. You can give us a call to discuss your cleaning needs.


Pressure Washing Service


For more information, contact 302-266-0332. Our services include Power Washing, Dryer Vent Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning & Window Cleaning.

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