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ShurFlo Gutter Guard

Providing Gutter Protection Solutions To Delaware Residents Since 1996

ShurFlo Gutter Protection

Out of all of the home maintenance chores that Delaware homeowners perform on their home, gutter cleaning is by far, the least favorite.  And consequently, one of the most important tasks you can do to protect your home from damages that occur due to clogged gutters.

Gutters are an essential part of the home that protects the foundation from cracks, leaks, and flooding.  Failure to clean the system, could end up costing you thousands in home repairs.  We all can agree, cleaning gutters is a dirty job that involves removing decomposed leaves, sticks, and dead insects from your gutters by hand. Not only is it a undesirable task, cleaning gutters involves moving a heavy ladder around your home, setting it up, and working from a height that you may not be comfortable with. Gutter cleaning is a maintenance chore that should be done at least twice per year (Spring and Fall) depending on the amount of trees on your property. With all the hassle of gutter cleaning twice a year, it’s no wonder Delaware homeowners avoid cleaning their gutters as frequently as they should.  At Evenflow Services, we understand the concerns that homeowners face. We offer premium gutter cover products such as The Shurflo Gutter Protection System. Shurflo Gutter Covers are low maintenance, and are installed to your existing gutter. It is a very affordable system compared to other comparable covers on the market.  It has shown to be very effective in keeping leaves, sticks, and pine needles from entering the system and causing clogs.