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Are you looking for underground down spot cleaning in Delaware? Then look no further than EvenFlow Services. While most gutters are a part of your roofing system some homes in Delaware were designed with gutter downspouts to drains underground. These are commonly referred to as French drains.  The pipes in your French drain are buried underground surrounding your basement with a trench that is filled with gravel. Instead of water flooding into your basement the Delaware elements such as rainwater or melted snow and ice flow through the PVC pipes and into the storm's sewer system, dry well or daylight to redirect water away from your home for the safety of your foundation and basement. However, when these drains fill with debris such as leaves, twigs, or even tree roots breaching the pipes of collapsed pipes, your French drains can become clogged. When clogs are not removed from the pipes you may suffer larger more costly home repairs such as cracks in your foundation or basement flooding.


How To Know if Your French Drains are Clogged? 


Water Pooling: Downspouts are connected to your underground drains with adapters to prevent water from leaking out of the downspouts however if they used the wrong adapter rainwater will spill out even if your gutters are not clogged.  If your unsure if you have clogs in your underground drains, then call us for a free quote.


Water coming from downspouts: Another sign you may have a clogged gutter system is if water is pouring out of your downspouts. When your underground drains are clogged water can not get through so the rainwater will fill your downspout. Water may also leak from other seams or elbows of the downspout.


Basement Leaks:  One of the most common causes of water leaks in the basement, is related to issues with your gutter system. When the downspout empties too close to your home, water can get into your basement and eventually cause flooding if you don’t remedy the situation.


If you want to test your French drains for clogs simply take a garden hose and place it into your underground system and turn on the water. If the water sprays out towards you, your French drains likely have a clog, and you will want to contact a gutter expert to come out to your Delaware home.   Our team is available to clean your French drains and offers free estimates so don’t ignore the problem and hope it goes away. The longer you leave a clog in your French drains the less protected your foundation and basement are to damages, flooding, and landscape erosion.


Delaware Best French Drainage Contractor 

French drains are a smart investment for your Delaware property as long as their cleaned to perform at their peak capacity. However, if they are not cleaned out once a year, they can threaten the health and safety of your home and family. At EvenFlow Services we have over 25 years of experience and the equipment to clean out your gutter system correctly and ensure your French drains are not susceptible to clogs that can cost thousands of dollars in damages and hurt your Bear Delaware property value. Make a smart choice and call us today at

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They responded quickly, were very reasonable price is the best. He climbs up our high roofs and cleans the gutters quickly. Always prompt and professional. We would trust Dave and Even Flow for any exterior cleaning services. ed as compared to others was very professional and did an excellent job!!

Bill O

Do you need your French drains unclogged in New Castle County, DE? Choose EvenFlow Services, Call us today at 302-266-0332  for your free quote!

Common Questions About French Drains?


Q. What is a French Drain?

A. A French drain is a trench filled with either a PVC, clay, or perforated pipe containing gravel. The water will seep into the gravel in the pipes and gravity will pull the runoff water away from the exterior of your home and Delaware yard.


Q: How Long Do French Drains Last?

Depending on the type of fabric that your drains are constructed of your French drains will last around 7 years before they wear out from debris clogging the gravel and the pipe perforations.


Do French Drains tarnish the image of my landscaping?

No French drains will not destroy the appearance of your Delaware lawn in fact is you have a skilled contractor like EvenFlow install your French drains we can incorporate it into your yard so that they are hidden or blend into your lawn.


If I have a basement should I have French Drains installed?


Yes! French drains are a wise investment for your New Castle County property because they will help to reduce the amount of rainwater that gets into your basement. In some instances, French Drains can eliminate all of your basement flooding concerns.  


How much do French drains cost to install?

The cost to install French drains is a moving target as there is much that we factor into the cost of installation but on average you can expect to pay between $20 to $25.00 depending on the type of pipe material you use.

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We stand behind our work 100% if for any reason you are not satisfied with the work we provide we will return to correct the issue immediately at our expense.  

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