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Protect your gutter system from clogs with a quality gutter guard 

 Delaware Gutter Guard Installation

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Out of all the household chores that Delaware homeowners do routine gutter cleaning is the least favorite and consequently one of the more important things you can do to protect your home. Gutters are an essential feature that protects your foundation from cracking and your basement from leaking or even flooding costing thousands of dollars in repairs. However, cleaning your gutters is a dirty job because it involves scooping decay from your gutters by hand, and if you’re not comfortable with a ladder then it can be an accident waiting to happen.   With all the hassle of gutter cleaning it’s no wonder Delaware homeowners avoid cleaning their gutters as frequently as they should. But there is help, if you’re a Delaware homeowner who wants to stop the hassle of cleaning your gutters, we recommend allowing us to install gutter guards.


EvenFlow Services installs gutter guards around your home to protect your gutters. We offer Shur Flo, 5 inch and 6-inch gutter guards that come in white, black, or a silver mill finish to fit over the top of your gutters and have a low profile so from the ground looking up they are unnoticeable. Shur Flo gutter guards have holes big enough to allow rain, ice, and snow to go into the gutters but small enough they prevent debris such as leaves and sticks from piling up on the inside. In addition, installing these gutter guards will not penetrate your roof shingles or void your roof's warranty. 


Benefits of Gutter Guards For Delaware Homeowners 


The biggest benefit you will have from us installing gutter guards on your home is it greatly reduces the amount of maintenance you need to spend on your home. While these small holes prevent the number of debris that can accumulate inside your gutters you will still need to have your gutters cleaned, just not as often. Gutter guards also help to prevent clogs which is the biggest cause of larger home repairs such as basement flooding and ruined fascia boards making gutter guards worth the expense.


Prolongs the Life of your Gutter System.


Most Delaware homeowners can anticipate their gutter system lasting 20 years but just as every other part of your homes such as your roof or a fence they wear out over time. To ensure your gutter system lasts as long as possible we recommend protecting it by installing gutter guards. Gutter guards will help to reduce the maintenance your gutter system needs and consequently prolong your gutter system lifecycle.   


Detours Pest and Rodents


Rats, squirrels, and birds like to hide and build their nest in your gutter system because of the leaves that collect in your gutters. If these rodents find a hole in your roof, they may decide to move into your home creating an unnecessary burden no Delaware homeowner should have to endure. When you have gutter guards installed, they provide a protective barrier that detours pests from building their nests in your gutters and roofing system. Protecting not only your gutters but also your roof and attic.


Gutter Guards Help to Prevent Ice dams


During the Delaware winter season, water can freeze and unfreeze in your gutters, when this happens your gutters expand and contract which can lead to gutter repairs. While gutter guards won't necessarily prevent ice dams they will prevent debris from entering into your gutters which can alleviate ice dams. Gutter guards also prevent clogs from forming that can cause your gutters to rust or corrode. When your gutters are not able to dry, leaves become soggy, and rust can form on your gutter that overtime will lead your gutters to need repairs or even replacement from corrosion.  

Delaware Best Gutter Guard Installation Company  

If you are convinced that gutter guards are the best solution for your home, you will want to hire a reputable company that has years of knowledge and experience in dealing with all types f gutter solutions from installing gutter guards to gutter cleaning and installation. With our team of gutter experts, you can have peace of mind knowing your gutter guards are being installed properly.  Once your gutter guards are installed, we are happy to come out on a regular basis to check if your gutters need to be cleaned. Want a free estimate to install your gutter guards or for gutter cleaning in the New Castle County, DE area? EvenFlow would love the opportunity to help you keep your home in tiptop shape, so give us a call today at 302-266-0332. We offer fair and upfront pricing that we believe you can agree on. 



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Dave’s EvenFlow service restored my gutters across the front of my home. While they weren’t clogged, they leaked severely due to aging and weather damage. They were not sitting flush against my home and the deep slant of my roof would cause water and snow to leak straight down on my porch and landscaping causing damage. Dave expertly corrected this issue and 3yrs later they are still perfect and no leaks! Next up I’ll be requesting service to remove the moss stains from our porch after seeing pictures he’s done of similar jobs! Highly recommend Dave for all your exterior needs!


Our Personal Guarantee: 

We stand behind our work 100% if for any reason you are not satisfied with the work we provide we will return to correct the issue immediately at our expense.  

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