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   Gutter  Cleaning
Affordable gutter cleaning in Wilmington DE, Newark DE,
and all of New Castle County, Delaware. 

Affordable Gutter Cleaning Delaware

For reliable and affordable gutter cleaning in Wilmington DE, or across New Castle County call EvenFlow Services.

If you have been living here any length of time, then you know trees literally cover the state of Delaware. We have trees of all types from Claymont to Zelkova and the oldest tree in our state is located in Wilmington. While trees are an asset that enhances your property if you do not routinely have a gutter cleaning in Wilmington DE your home can face a myriad of issues when your gutters are loaded down with foliage, twigs, seeds, and needles. Needles can be quite difficult for a novice to remove as needles will slide past even the best gutter guards to clog your gutters. While you may think rain gutters are a decorative element to improve the look of your home, this is only partially true. Your rain gutters' primary purpose is to divert water caused by rain, melted snow, and ice away from your roof and into your downspouts, from your spouts the water travels downwards to a specific spot on the ground. Now, this may sound easy, but this important process is what protects your home, your roof, and your wallet.   

Who doesn't like a good ole fashion, local gutter cleaning company? Call today for your free gutter quote or to schedule your spring or fall gutter cleaning in Wilmington DE, Newark DE, or the surrounding areas. Taking Care of Gutters is our business. 

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Avoid Clogged Gutters- Call Us!

With years of experience and the right tools for the job, our clogged gutter cleaning services in Wilmington is second to none. Our team can quickly diagnose blockages in your gutters and then work quickly to resolve the issue. The most common problems from clogged gutters in Delaware are:


Flooded Basements: When your gutters become overfilled with pine cones, needles, and leaves any water we have from rain, snow and ice is unable to be diverted properly and sooner or later if the issue is not fixed will flood your basement.

Cracked Foundation: When the soil or clay underneath the home becomes too soggy your foundation can shift and this leads to foundational cracks or buckling. If you live in a pier and beam home standing water can be a threat as water can deteriorate the beams. It can also make your driveways become hazardous.



Separated Gutters: During Delaware winter months when temperatures drop below freezing if you did not have your fall gutters cleaned in the winter ice can become a problem. Ice Dams may occur, or the gutters may become too heavy and rip away from your roof. This is an immediate concern that requires a professional gutter company, if you need gutter repairs because of a clogged gutter give our team a call at 302-666-0332


Other Issues from gutter clogs


       Damaged Landscape


        Pest & Rodents

        Damaged Roof

       Damaged Fascia Boards

       Breeding Ground for Moss, Algae & Mildew


Our Gutter Cleaning Process

Before Your gutters become clogged and lead to issues, there is a way to eliminate the risk of clogged gutters. Gutter Cleaning is an affordable solution that will ensure you are not faced with larger and more costly home repairs.  Don’t overlook your gutters until your face a flooded basement contact EvenFlow Delaware premier gutter cleaning company serving Newark DE, Bear DE, Hockessin DE, and throughout New Castle County. In addition to gutter cleaning, our licensed and insured team also offers:



     Gutter Repairs


     Gutter Installation


     Gutter Guards

What can happen when you do not do routine gutter cleaning, when this homeowner called we were there the next day to provide emergency gutter repairs in the Delaware University area

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Dave is super responsive and has the best prices in town. He cleans my gutters 2x per year, power washes my house periodically and keeps my dryer vent clear. I highly recommend him.  Call him today for a free estimate. 302-266-0332.

Gutter Cleaning As Easy As...


Searching for dryer vent cleaning near you? Let our skilled and certified technician help you. We offer convenient same day dryer vent cleaning to homeowners in Bear, Wilmington, Newark, and Middletown. The process is quick and effective to improve the efficiency and lifecycle of your clothes dryer and prevent a dryer fire from occurring due to excessive lint. Having a professional clean your dryer vents will also lower your utility bill as your clothes will dry faster. Consider bundling this service with window cleaning, power washing or window cleaning and we will give you our bundle discount.  

Call us or complete the form on our contact page and a helpful team member will be in touch shortly to provide you a free over the phone quote or meet you in person. Our estimates are free and we offer same day and next of day services.   


Before Gutter Cleaning

The day of your gutter cleaning in Newark we will arrive on time and start to work checking your gutters for dents, holes, rusted spots, and disconnected joints that can cause water leaks. Next, we clean your gutters, flush out your downspouts then bag up all the leaves and twigs. Before we leave, we will give your roof a quick blow off and share before & after photos so you can see your gutters are in fact clean.  Once you give us a thumbs up that your happy with your gutter cleaning, we will be on our way ensuring your gutters are safe spring, summer, fall and winter.  


Follow Up: We recommend having your gutters cleaned out every spring and fall to ensure they do not clog up with leaves, twigs, needles, and pine combs. We offer a discount to customers who use us on a routine basis. Check out our VIP Program to learn more click here.

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After Gutter Cleaning


EvenFlow is a Full-Service Exterior Cleaning Company Check Out Other 5 Star Services We Offer !

Delaware Gutter Installation

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Whether you need gutters added to a home, garage or new building structure or to replace your worn and torn gutters contact EvenFlow Services. We are locally owned, and veteran ran, licensed to work on any gutters in the great state of Delaware. Our team has extensive knowledge of gutter systems and will always find the right gutters for your home. The most requested gutters to be installed is K Style seamless gutters. Our team is always working to provide you with quality materials and service. We can assist you with  ....

Delaware Gutter Brightening

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Gutter brightening is an additional step to gutter cleaning, while the inside is cleaned to protect your roof and home from water damages many clients want to clean the outside so that it looks instantly new. Our team will remove the dark layer or stripping effect that makes gutters look dingy and decreases your curb appeal. When you elect to have gutter cleaning in Wilmington choose to brighten them to restore your gutters inside and out to their original white color.

Delaware French Drain Cleaning

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French drains can cause issues with lawn drainage in Delaware making water puddle on your New Castle County property after a torrential downpour. This water is hazardous and just as gutter cleaning on your roof can also cause basement flooding or foundational problems. If you are looking for an experienced team who has the training and tools necessary to clean your French drains and remove any blockage that could lead to damages, we can help

Delaware Gutter Guard Installation

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Since many Delaware properties are surrounded by large mature trees gutter guards may be a good idea, while they still require gutter cleaning it won’t be nearly as frequent.  In addition, having gutter guards installed will protect your home from water damages as they are less prone to having your gutters clogged than if you had no protection at all. If you would like a free quote and a fair and upfront price you can agree too give us a call for gutter guard installation service and we will walk you through the best type of gutter guards for Delaware residents.

Delaware Gutter TuneUp

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Our gutter tune-ups offer our customers in New Castle County a more comprehensive approach to their gutter maintenance needs. Completing a yearly tune-up keeps your system in proper working order to ensure water safely drains away from your home. It also helps prevent common gutter problems such as ice damming, leaks near the foundation, and even mold growth.During the gutter tune-up, our technician will preform gutter cleaning, then haul away any remaining debris, completely flush downspouts with a hose and check all hangers and repair or replace them as needed. Then reseal all miters, outlet tubes, and end caps. Lastly they will check your gutter pitch and complete minor adjustments as needed.

Rain Diverters For Gutterless Houses

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Does your home lack gutters, but you want to find a way to divert the water gushing off your rooftop? Consider having us install rain diverter that will prevent you and your foundation from getting soaked when it rains or in the winter turning into ice and posing a safety hazard due to a slippery surface on your steps or porch. In addition to rain diverters we also install gutters in Delaware if you had decided to forgo the battle give us a call

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