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When was the last time you cleaned your home? Not the inside but had the exterior of your home soft-washed? Chances are if you are like most Delaware residents it has been far too long. House washing can seem an unnecessary expense, but the fact is having your brick, stucco, siding, professionally soft washed is an investment.

House Washing Benefits

The biggest investment we make is in our home, as with any investment we make we must protect it. One of the most effective ways is with house washing your exterior. The exterior of your home adds to or deprecates the value of your home. Your home exterior is what makes a good or bad first impression. However, this is only one of the benefits of washing your home.

House Washing keeps your family healthier.

The biggest benefit of washing your Delaware home is that it kills bacteria, mold, and mildew. Mold and mildew have a bad reputation for a reason, they cause a range of respiratory issues and allergic reactions. When your home is not washed on a routine basis then mold starts to grow on the exterior of your home and can seep inside the home through cracks and crevices. Not only can your family get sick from mold and mildew, but it can damage the exterior of your home. The best way to wash your house is soft washing. Using our ez house wash services your Delaware home will look good as new  

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Soft Washing Is Safe

Safe On Brick

Safe on Hardi Plank

Safe On Siding

Safe On Stucco


Soft Washing vs Pressure Washing

Soft washing is similar to pressure or power washing, in that it rids your home exterior of harmful dirt, debris, mold, and mildew. But power washing uses high-pressured water that puts a lot of pressure on the surface of the home and can damage your siding, brick, or even strip off the paint.

Pressure or power washing works best for heartier surfaces, such as driveways and patios made of concrete, but your home is not quite as sturdy in some places.  Windows could break if the water pressure is too strong or crack the siding around your home. This is where house soft washing is different.

Many New Castle homeowners may have heard of soft washing but do not understand the difference between soft washing and pressure washing. Soft washing protects your home and DE property from organisms that grow and causes damage. This includes moss, mold, mildew, and algae as well as pests like spiders and other insects. In fact, soft washing is effective enough to kill mold and mildew down to their root. This technique not only provides amazingly clean results for your home but without any potential risk to hardy-plank, siding, bricks, or paint.  

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Highly Recommend Answered all questions that we had. Got the job done as requested. Did a fantastic job power washing the house

Chris- Bear DE

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House Washing Benefits

  • Kills Algae, Mold, & Mildew 

  • Prevents Premature Degradation

  • Unharmful To Exterior Surfaces

  • Add Value To Your Delaware Property

  • Removes What Mother Nature Leaves Behind

  • Prepares Surface To Be Painted

  • Eco Friendly & Safe Chemicals

Soft Washing Is Safe 

  • House Washing

  • Vinyl siding

  • Wood siding

  • Engineered wood siding

  • Metal siding

  • Brick

  • Stucco

  • Stone facade

  • Fiber-cement siding & trim

  • Wood & vinyl trim

  • Gutters

  • Exterior light fixtures

Delaware Best House Washing 

EvenFlow has been Delaware's choice for exterior cleaning since 1994. When we wash your home, we use only a gentle spray. The pressure applied is comparable to that of a garden hose mixed with our house wash solution. Our house wash solutions are strong enough to provide your Delaware home superior cleaning results, but these house wash solutions are also environmentally friendly. There is no need to worry about your family, pets, or landscape. We recommend having your house washed once a year, to keep it in pristine condition. If it's been a while since you have had a professional house wash then give EvenFlow a call. When we wash your home, it will rewind the hands of time. 


House Wash Guarantee

Our house washing services are backed by a 100% guarantee, giving you the peace of mind that can only come with trust. We also offer soft washing for houses and roofs and pressure washing for driveways, sidewalks, fences, and decks. EvenFlow is fully insured and licensed. We have the best equipment and house washing solutions on the market. When your ready for your Delaware home to be washed call EvenFlow Services. Now offering same-day service in New Castle County.  

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Our Personal Guarantee: 

We stand behind our work 100% if for any reason you are not satisfied with the work we provide we will return to correct the issue immediately at our expense.  

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