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As Delaware trusted exterior house cleaning service in Newark, you can trust EvenFlow Services to take care of the exterior of your home from curb to rooftop. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with having a clean home. We do this by providing outstanding customer service and affordable services so you can focus on what matters most, time with your family and friends. We know life is hectic, time is short, and your home matters so let us help you shorten your to-do list. EvenFlow exterior house cleaning can serve Newark homeowners with the following:

No Pressure Roof Wash

EvenFlow knows how important the roof of your Newark home is so when we wash your roof, we only use a light mist of water and allow our special roof cleaning solution to do all the heavy lifting of removing grime, dirt, and bacteria off your roof. Our roof cleaning solution will also kill mold, mildew, and algae down to the root to protect the life of your roof saving you money. Before replacing your roof because of those ugly black streaks contact EvenFlow and have us wash your roof today.

 House Washing

Pressure washing is bad for your house as it can cause holes in your siding, chip away the paint, or break off vinyl panels. Houses were not designed to be blasted with water this is why we soft wash houses to ensure no damages ever occur to your Newark home. Soft washing a home will have your home look new again as we remove all the buildup from over the years that Delaware outdoor weather can cause. Call EvenFlow for a new home today without ever having to move out of Newark.

Gutter Cleaning

Never forget the important job your gutters must perform, Gutters are designed to divert the water from rain, snow, and ice away from your home. If it’s been a while since your gutters were cleaned, they may become full or even clogged and not perform which can leave to large and expensive home repairs such as flooding and foundation issues. EvenFlow recommend having your gutters cleaned in the fall and spring to remove all the debris that gathers in your gutters. And yes, even if you have gutter guards you need to have your gutters cleaned. Who better to clean or repair your gutters than EvenFlow, we have been Newark's go-to provider for gutter cleaning, gutter installation, and repairs since 1994.

Window Cleaning

Nothing can be more frustrated than a window covered with dirt or fingerprints! What makes us so successful at providing professional window cleaning is our attention to detail. People often say “Dave has hawk eyes” as our owner is always on-site to see the smallest streaks and spots. In addition, we also use the best equipment and glass cleaning solution to clean your interior or exterior windows. In addition to washing windows, we also clean window frames, tracks, and screens allowing you a clear view to see your Newark property.  When you want a streak-free window shine call our professional window cleaning services at 302-266-0332

Pressure Washing

Concrete gets filthy from vehicle oil leaks to dirt, mold, and gunk but pressure washing is no way to spend a Saturday. It’s a dirty job and most pressure washers that are sold won’t do the trick. Trust us it's not easy to remove stains that have been sitting on your concrete. In addition to pressure washing driveways, we can clean almost any concrete or hardscape even garages, fences, patios, and breezeways. Our products are biodegradable and safe for your lawn or outdoor pets. The next time you think of pulling out your pressure washer consider giving EvenFlow a call and taking the weekend off.


Christmas Light Installation

EvenFlow Services loves lighting up Newark with our holiday Christmas installation packages that can fit any style or budget. Our Christmas light packages are all-inclusive which means we provide the lights, hang the Christmas lights, and remove your lights after the holidays. In addition to providing Christmas lights, we also provide wreaths, bows, and all types of holiday decor to make your home look merry and bright.

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