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Power washing your exterior surfaces is a wonderful way to rewind the hands of time and boost your curb appeal. However, if you have considered tackling on the task of house washing to remove the dirt, grime, and soot off your bricks and stucco you may want to consider a few things. You may own a power washing machine and after watching a few online videos think the process is simple but You Tube makes everything look easier than it is. If you are trying to choose between tackling on this exterior chore or wrong a Delaware power washing company, here are a few reasons you may want to call EvenFlow Services to do the cleaning for you.

Power Washing is Cost Effective

The biggest reason most homeowners in Delaware choose to power wash their home, driveway, or other concrete surface is to save money, but you will either need to invest in buying a machine or renting one form a local big box store. In addition to the machine, you will also need to purchase cleaning agents, safety gear, and an extension wand if you have a home that is higher than one story. In addition to purchasing all you need to power wash your Delaware home you also need to consider that time is money. Yes, that may sound cliché but depending on the size of your home, the stains or dirt that have accumulated on the surface and your experience level it may take an entire eight hours to power wash and those hours will either be taken form your work or family. Hiring a Delaware power washing company such as EvenFlow Services you pay a flat fee that includes supplies, labor, and their expertise. EvenFlow has been power washing for over 20 years in Wilmington, Dover, Newark, and all of New Castle County.

Hiring a Delaware Power Washing company is Safer than DIY.

Working with a pressure washer machine can be dangerous for a novice in fact an estimated 6,000 people were seen last year in emergency rooms due to power washing and this does not include those who were I juried while working on a ladder. The reason power washing is dangerous s the water coming out of the machine has a high PSI than a garden hose and can literally cut to the bone. If you do not know how to power wash it is much safer to hire a licensed and insured technician that has experience using this type of equipment. EvenFlow Services is fully insured to give their customers peace of mind that should an accident occur while on their property they are not liable for any damages that occur such as falling off a ladder.

Pressure Washing is Environmentally Friendly

If you are an inexperienced power washer you can waste a considerable amount of water and even send pollutants and toxins into the local water sources through the drains as you will be working with chemicals in an effort to remove those hard surface stains. A professional power washing company knows the right ecofriendly chemicals to use work that are EPA regulated and will help keep your home and Delaware much safer while also conserving water, so you do not incur high water bills from wasteful water usage.

Hiring a Delaware Power Washing Service will provide you immediate results.

Some stains that have sat on your driveway such as motor oil or black streaks that have baked into your roof are not that easy to just wash and rinse away. When you hire an experienced technician, they use commercial grade equipment and detergents which is great if your home will soon be hitting the Dover DE housing market.

Hiring a Power Washing Company Prevents Damages

There are several things that can be power washed, but many surfaces should not be hit with high blast of water so its important to understand pounders per square inches (PSI) and how each surface can be cleaned to prevent damages. Hiring a reliable and professional tech at EvenFlow Services will save you the headache and in the long run may be more cost effective than trying to spend a day off breaking your back to power wash your home only to end up damaging windows, gutters, or a wood deck. When you work with a professional power washing company in Bear DE you also have the peace of mind knowing if any damages occur its at the company expense to repair or replace what pressure washing broke.

Professionals offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantees and multiple services

Delaware Gutter Repair Company

If you are still not sure if you should entrust your exterior cleaning to a local power washing company consider that companies such as Delaware best power washing EvenFlow Services offer a complete satisfaction guarantee this means if for any reason you are unhappy they will return at their expense to correct the issue and in addition to offering power washing many companies also rely on EvenFlow for gutter repairs and gutter cleaning. EvenFlow does a dozen different types of gutter repairs including fixing loose or hanging gutters, leaky gutters, replacing old gutters and repairing the gutter downspouts to keep your home looking and functioning its very best give them a call for a free power washing or gutter repair quote today or visit them online for specials and discounts.

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