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Best Christmas Lights in New Castle Co

Updated: Aug 20

Best Holiday Light Displays in New Castle County

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Delaware Christmas Light Installation

With 2020 keeping many close to home this holiday more Delaware homeowners are decorating their homes early so if you’re looking to put your family in the holiday spirit check out EvenFlow list of the top five Christmas lights that will not disappoint.

Starting off our top five list is not just one home, but a block of homes located at 800 North Van Burren Street. While the neighbors didn’t plan to decorate their homes, they match and look lovely. Check it out and you will instantly know why it made our top five list.

Next is a real showstopper! John and Sue Buckman have more than 22,000 lights with their house outlined and 21 inflatables along with 57 blow molds, a nativity lollipop and candy canes. This home is at 2264 St James Dr Penn Drew Manor ear Stanton Delaware.

Our 3rd place winner for the best Christmas displays in New Castle is the home of Barb Hurley at 73 Broadleaf Drive Newark. Come see the festive lights and sing along to your favorite holiday songs at this gingerbread home of 13 cats and three-pint size dogs.

Coming in at the #2 of our favorite Christmas light displays in New Castle in Santa Clause Lane, you can’t miss this home as it’s the brightest one on the block maybe even in Bear DE. This home belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Faucher. ABC even did a Christmas special on this home as its bee said the light bill is a whopping $80K

Topping the list of best our favorite place to see Christmas lights is 1900 Prior Road Wilmington Delaware, even though the Smiths have been decorating for 30 years we still have to go see their home with over 50,000 twinkling lights.

Once you finish checking off our list of ew Castle best Christmas lights be sure to create some magic at your home this Christmas by calling EvenFlow Services for a free Christmas light quote. Our team is ready to make your home Merry and Bright. Our Christmas light installers are fast and friendly, offer 100% guarantee on our work and are fully trained and insured for your peace of mind so contact us today.

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