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With rainy season quickly approaching do you know the condition of your gutters? June is the last opportunity to have your rain gutters repaired before next month when our rain may cause some serious issues to your home if these repairs go either delayed or unnoticed. Here is the most frequent gutter repair problems we notice in Wilmington Delaware and what to do about them so you, your family ad your home stay safe come July and August.

Loose Gutters: There are several reasons why your rain gutters may have become loose including weather and the lack of routine gutter cleaning are the two biggest reasons why loose gutters occur. In fact, due to extreme wind and rain you may even have sections of your gutters that go missing. When gutters are lose you need gutter repairs to your home to prevent such things as water flooding your basement or over spilling onto your landscape wrecking all your delicate shrubs and flowers. If you see a gap between your gutters and your home, this is a warning sign your gutters have become loose.

How to Repair Loose Gutters

Grab your ladder and stabilize it alongside the end of your gutters, then give your gutters a good cleaning to remove foliage and debris as if your gutters are full they can add unnecessary weight to your gutters which leads to sagging. Once you have finished cleaning your gutters you want to remove the fasteners from the gutters using a drill then insert a 7” or 8” gutter screw into the holes where you removed the fasteners so that the screws go into your fascia board and rafters, then slide a sleeve over the gutter screw after the screw is inserted into the first hole but before it enters the second hole. Make sure the screw head Touches the surface of your gutter but don’t tighten it so much that it leaves an imprint or dent in the gutter

Clogged Gutters: One of the biggest repairs we make all year is due to clogged gutters. Its easy to forget to clean out your gutters and with all the trees many Delaware properties have the leaves can really pile up if your not have your gutters cleaned in the spring and fall. One thing you can do if you want to prolong the time in between gutter cleanings is to have gutter guards installed or use the gutter stick which will help the drainage process especially during the rainy summer months and also winter when gutters are more susceptible to ice dams.

Gutter Cleaning: This is a two person job unless you want to take hours cleaning them out you will want to have the assistance of someone who can manage a trash bag or drop cloth. The best way to clean your gutters is take the ladder along the edge of the house and clean each section one at a time using your hand or a small kids shovel you can pick u at the dollar store. Manually cleaning your gutters will make sure everything is removed, then blow off the roof, dispose of all the gunk and taking a garden hose flush out your downspouts, check that water is able to flow freely

Cracked Gutters: In Wilmington DE, your gutters face a lot of weathering that can lead to cracks, holes, corrosion and this make for leaky gutters that are in effective at diverting water which is your gutters job. Another common thing that can happen depending on the type of material your gutter is made out of is rust, when gutters rust the rust eats away at your gutters and can cause cracks. If your gutters have only small cracks or holes you can repair the gutters but if you have substantial cracks then you may need more then gutter repairs if you want them to work as they ought to.

Cracked Gutter Repairs: If you notice holes or cracks along your gutters then you can repair them using sealant, make sure the sealant you use is designed for gutters not windows. You want to do gutter repairs promptly as if you delay the process during our rainy season moisture can build up and cause more costly damages. You always want to start off any gutter repair with gutter cleaning as you cannot fix it correctly if there are leaves gathered inside your gutter but make sure they are dry before applying sealant. Take the sealant and apply with a steady force to the inside and outside of the gutters and into the joints, then press the material together until you’re sure the sealant has joined the seams back together, it will take about 24 hours before the sealant cures with a waterproof gutter sealer.

Aged Gutters: Like any other part of your home, gutters age due to normal wear and tear, while the average lifecycle of your gutters is about 20 years thought some type of gutter materials can last 40 to 50 years. Most gutters that are older need to be replaced once you’re having gutter repairs preformed frequently, chances are you would rather stay off the ladder so you may want to replace the gutters and reclaim your weekends.

Damaged Down Spouts: Don’t overlook your gutter system downspouts as this is what the rainwater travels through to move it along and past your homes basement or foundation.

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