Are you a Delaware homeowner who ever time it rains or the snow melts on your property it becomes a problem? This is a common concern that most homeowners face sooner or later, the problem may be from too much rainfall, or your yard may not have enough of a pitch to effectively divert the rain or snow away from your home. Whatever the problem EvenFlow Services Delaware complete gutter repair and French drain company has a solution. Today we will look at the two most viable solutions and which is the best solution for your home.

French Drains Installation

One solution some homeowners choose to channel water from their Delaware property is having French drains installed, this will also help to dry up soil that is waterlogged. The drain is installed along the declining slope of your lawn and then pea-sized gravel is put on top of the drain to avoid debris from entering the trench and to avoid the inside of the drain from becoming eroded. Some homeowners also choose to have weeping tile or perforated pipes laid underneath the gravel to make sure the water flows quickly through the trench. However, adding the perforated pipes, can become clogged over time and need excavating to remove the clogs which can be costly. Gutter downspouts can also empty into the French drain to prevent flooding of your basement. There are some pros and cons to having French drains Delaware homeowners need to be made aware of. Let’s start with the negatives of French drains that may make you want to install gutters instead.

  • · Installing French drains can be dangerous if there are underground utility lines so prior to digging around any underground lines call 811 or visit them online. Allow 2 business days before digging to have the area marked.
  • · Depending on where the digging occurs to install your French drain decks and walkways may need to be removed especially when using equipment such as a backhoe.
  • · French drains like gutter can become clogged and may lead to overflow when this occurs your property or basement may flood.

However, there are also several great benefits to having French drains installed including:

  • · Preventing property and structural damages
  • · Compared to other basement waterproof solutions, French drains are the most affordable solution.
  • · Yards that are too damp after rain or snow can be rendered useful for outdoor living spaces or garden
  • · French drain installation in Delaware can be done without expensive tools
  • · While gutters can also be a viable solution if you have water issues inside the basement of your home then installing a French drain and using a sump pump may be the remedy to your problem.

Cleaning French Drains in DE

It’s important that you keep your French drains clog-free by removing debris and another buildup is by using a snake to clean out your French drains once a year. Unlike Gutters that need cleaning twice a year in the spring and fall and gutter repairs on occasion, French drains are virtually maintenance-free.

Half Moon and K Style Gutter Installation

Gutter Installation in Delaware

The second option for moving rainwater and melted snow away from your home is to have gutters installed around your roofline. There are several types of Gutters to choose from that come in a variety of materials, The half-rounded gutter is shaped like a half-moon but is more susceptible to become clogged with leaves, twigs, and pine needles. These are generally found on historical homes in Delaware built before the 1960s

The most common gutter to install in Delaware is a K Style gutter, the name comes from their shape, and you will see them on almost all homes. They are nailed to stay flush against the fascia board without the use of brackets. The front side of the gutter resembles crown modeling adding a decorative touch to your home. These gutters can handle more rainwater than a half-round gutter. The disadvantage to K stye gutters is they are trickier to clean so you may want to contact a gutter cleaning company near you to do the job.

How To Find A Gutter Cleaning Company Near You

  1. Google Gutter Cleaning Company in Delaware then read their reviews and check their website to make sure they are licensed and insured to serve your area
  2. You can find a gutter cleaning company near you on Thumbtack, Angie’s List, or Home Advisor.
  3. You can ask your neighbors who they use for gutter cleaning

The Benefit of Gutter Installation

  • The largest benefit of having gutters installed is to prevent wood rot and leaks, when it rains the shingles on your roof can slide or shift and leave a gap where rainwater can leak into the interior. Also, when water collects on your roof it makes your roof deteriorate sooner leaving you to need a roof replacement quicker. Learn more about roof replacement here
  • · Another benefit to proper gutter installation is that it leads to erosion. When water stands in your yard it can damage your landscaping including grass, plants, and flowers.
  • · It moves water away from your basement and foundation when water puddles near the home, the soil softens, and your foundation loses strength and stability.
  • · When gutters are installed, it prevents water from damaging your siding. If water finds its way into the seams and onto your siding, it can become moldy. Over time of this happening the siding becomes rotted or rusted depending on the material your siding is made of.

The Disadvantages of Gutter Installation

There are homes that do not need gutters for example in areas with low rainfall and where snow and ice are not an issue, but Delaware defiantly does not fit this description. However, one of the disadvantages that may make you choose French drains is there is maintenance that is required. You can cut back on many of the common gutter repairs in Delaware by keeping your gutters cleaned twice a year

The Cost of French Drains VS Gutter Installation on the Delaware Market

The average cost to install French drains is around $22 to $27 per linear foot for exterior drains located close to the surface of the ground but basement French drains can be significantly more at a cost of $1,900 TO $2,500 or $58 to $73 per linear foot. If you are looking to have gutters installed in Delaware, you will pay $8.00 to $12 per linear foot or if you have a high-pitched roof you can expect to pay as much as $28.00 per linear foot. The initial cost of French Drains is more than Gutter Cleaning but remember they do not have the repair and cleaning cost and both solutions are better than having the problem rain can cause if you do not have a way to divert it away from your foundation. If you are interested in an exact price for French drains of Gutter Installation in Newark, Bear, Wilmington, or anywhere in Delaware contact EvenFlow Services for a free quote at 302-266-0332 or complete their contact form, and a friendly staff member will be in touch shortly.

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