Commercial Pressure Washing

As a business owner you take great pride in your business and keeping your curbside appeal in pristine condition speaks volumes to your employees and customers. But what about your parking lot? Is your parking lot clean or does it give customers the wrong impression? Believe it or not a clean parking lot is just as important as the rest of your facility.

Power washing your business parking lot has many perks besides its appearance having your business lot professionally cleaned will protect the areas surface. Over time dirt and debris collect on your parking lot and cause damages to the materials surface. Oil from cars is particular damage the lot. When oil spills from vehicles are left unattended these stains will cause the area to soften. Soft asphalt will eventually peel away, leaving potential potholes as a result. We recommend cleaning your businesses parking lot using a mixture of chemical to gently remove all surface stains. Not only will your parking lot look clean, but your asphalt will be protected from oil damages. With adequate maintenance your asphalt can last up to 25 years before needing to be replaced.

Another advantage to having your parking lot pressure washed is it provides a more welcoming site for your visitors. The more your parking lot is used, the dirtier it becomes. Dirt and debris such as gum and litter can cover space lines and ruin the appearance of your lot. The last ting you want your customers to see is an unkept, neglected parking area. Professional pressure washing services will remove all the gunk so your lines are easily visible and your vstors feel welcomed and safe to frequent your store front.

Many business owners have attempted to clean their own parking lots with items such as cat litter and bleach, but these are temporary remedies that leave behind a residue. Not only does your parking lot not look its best but its time consuming. The most effective way to clean your parking lot is to contact EvenFlow services. We use gentle chemicals that are ecofriendly but fight the toughest of stains to restore your parking lots appearance to like new condition. We recommend having your parking lot cleaned once a year to maintain your business true curb appeal. We also suggest that you regularly patrol the area and call us if you notice antifreeze or other large oil area. In addition to washing your parking lot you want to also make sure your businesses sidewalks are periodically washed. Remember keeping your business clean on the outside is just as important as keeping it clean on the inside because it is what your customers see first.

Here at EvenFlow we provide businesses with affordable commercial pressure washing for parking lots, parking garages, and dumpster pads. We also offer commercial soft washing for your exterior building, gutter cleaning and professional window cleaning. For a fast free quote for your business call us today to schedule your appointment.

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