Before House Power Washing

Have you pulled into your driveway and ever looked at your home only to notice mildew and dirt? While we wish there were a magical wand to make all this ugliness just disappear there is a pressure washing wand that will do all the magic without ever having to sing bippity, boppity, boo. While the magic will not happen without some hard work it is the best way to remove the grime, mold, and mildew from your home exterior. The magical wand is called a telescopic extension wand that can be connected to a power washer to clean your homes exterior to wash up high while staying on the ground as its never advised to power wash a home while on a ladder. This magical telescopic wand when used correctly and with the right detergents will turn your home from drab to fab for far less than it would cost on a new paint job and in far less time. Today our Delaware power washing company Is going to share the tips we use to house wash so that you know how to remove the unattractive build up and make your home look instantly fresh and clean. leave your home fresh and clean. If after reading this you want to skip the labor intensive and time-consuming chore of house washing, it maybe wise to call Even Flow Services a Delaware power washing company for a free house washing quote in Bear, Dover, or Wilmington Delaware. Without further a due here is five tips to tell you all you need to know.

Tip # 1 Select the right pressure washing machine for your house.

While a professional Delaware power washing company will use a commercial grade machine for a homeowner this is not the most economical route. If you are going to power wash vinyl siding you will want a machine that has a 2500 pounds per square inch (psi) if your siding is a soft grain wood, then you want to be gentler and use no more than 1500 psi because when you spray too harshly you can damage your siding or exterior paint. We do not recommend a do it yourselfer power washing stucco, hardboard, bottle, or rock dash materials or composite fences and decks. If you are looking to pressure wash a deck or fence, use a low psi with a fan spray nozzle and always read the manufactures guidelines. When it comes to a machine you can purchase at a big box store such as a Ryobi, these machines can handle some heavy stain lifting and last for years. When you choose a machine, you may also want some additional accessories that will make the job less labor intensive such as a wand and surface cleaner both can really come in handy.

Tip # 2 Preparing to Power Washing your Delaware home.

Once you come home with your new power washing machine before you turn it on and start scrubbing you want to prepare your home to be house washed. If you have outside lighting you may want to remove the bulbs to make sure that there is no chance of broken glass that could cause a safety hazard and any HVAC or pool equipment that is near the house is covered with a tarp to prevent damages. If you have outside landscaping that is fragile you may want to gently place tarp or plastic painters’ cloth over the surface and secure the tarp using painter’s tape. When your house washing keeps the pressure wand 6 feet away from windows, electric wires, or outdoor sockets. Once you have taken precautions to prepare the service if its been awhile since your last house washing or if you notice extensive stain or grime you want to pretreat the surface using a product such as Krud Cutter that is environmentally safe, spray the solution onto your home and let it is it for 10 to 15 minutes and then scrub the stain using an extended scrub brush before house washing with a power washing machine.

Tip # 3 How to Power Washer for Maximum Results

Once you have selected the right psi for the surface you want to power wash by standing at least 3 feet from your home and if you have a two-story home this is where the wand really comes in handy. There are several wands you can choose from, but our Delaware power washing company prefers to use the AR North America Extension Wand. This wand is able to extend upwards of 18 feet and is compatible will all machines. Its also light weight so it makes house washing much easier. It will also allow you to clean those hard-to-reach windows without having to hire a window cleaning company in Delaware. With your wand connected you want to test to make sure the water is powerful enough to remove the grime and soot without chipping the paint or damaging the siding. When house washing you want to start at the bottom of the house and move the wand upwards as you clean. When you power wash from the top to the bottom its easier to miss sections. Take your wand and move the water side to side overlapping in a horizontal motion to avoid streaks and instead of power washing your gutters to get the outside to their original white color we recommend gutter brightening as its far less evasive and less likely to cause damages to rain gutter and overhangs.

Tip # 4 What to Do After House Washing

Once your New Castle home is clean as a whistle thanks to the magical power of pressure washing you want to remove the cleaning agent from the machine using a siphoning hose., turn the machine to low and allow water to run through the system for a couple of minutes. Once all the detergent is removed turn off the machine and disconnect it from the water hose and drain water from the spray wand or gun so they can dry properly. If your power washer is gas powered, you want to pull the recoil about 5 or 6 times and if you have an electric powered power washer keep the machine on until all the water is gone and then immediately shut it off. Make sure if there is any debris you discard of it then properly store your machine in the garage and remove all the tarps from your landscaping and screw back in any outdoor light bulbs. Should you have house washed to prep the exterior for painting you want to allow 48 hours for the home to completely dry.

Tip #5 Hire a Newark Pressure Washing Company to help if you become overwhelmed.

After House Power Washing

While many do it yourselfers think they are going to save money by spending a Saturday house washing as opposed to hiring a Delaware power washing company it can be more labor intensive than what most people realize. If you are considering selling your Wilmington home before putting it onto the market you may want to make sure your home is in tip-top shape. If you do not have experience or lack the time, then consider giving Even Flow Services a call for house washing or visit them online to see the coupons and specials they have to offer for the month of July. EvenFlow is located in Bear Delaware and provides power washing, gutter repairs and cleaning and window washing. For all your exterior cleaning needs look no further. One call does it all and quotes are free of charge 302-266-0332

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