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With a flash flood warning in affect for Newark DE and much of the surrounding area our gutter repair company receives a lot of requests to repair gutters due to leaks this is because when gutters are either filled with leaves and debris that clog the gutters or have cracks because of sunlight and rough weather when it rains the water goes over or through the gutters dripping down the side of your home and creating a puddle of water around the bottom of your home, in worst cases it can lead to basement flooding and water damages. One of the best ways to keep a eye out for gutter repairs is when you clean the gutters generally twice a year in the spring and fall you should also look for signs that your gutters are damaged and do those repairs quickly so your gutters stay in tip-top shape. But what exactly do you look for? Great question! Let us share with you a few warning signs that your gutters need repairs.

How to know if you need gutter repairs?

1. Your Gutters Are Sagging

If you look up at your gutters and they appear to be uneven or if there is water that is pulled together in the middle of your gutter it can cause your gutters to sag or in worst case the gutter may sperate away from your home. When your Delaware home has gutters that leak, sag, or sperate away from your home you want to fix them right away to avoid larger and more costlier home repairs. Sagging gutter repair generally take only a few hours to repair using sealant, patches, and hangers that you can pick up at your local hardware store for just a few dollars.

2. Peeling Paint around your gutters

If you notice you have paint that is chipping or peeling down the side of your home, you likely need to check your gutters. When paint peels or chips this is due to excessive moisture since most of the exterior paint used is a water based latex paint it does not trap moisture to prevent peeling and flaking so if you notice paint is doing just that there is a good chance its because your gutters have sprung a leak and need to be repaired

3. Rusting Metal

Over time most gutters will rust, if you notice your gutters have started to rust you can either repair those sections of your gutters or replace your gutters. In addition to gutter repairs, we also offer gutter replacement services. Unless you have several sections that have rusted chances are you do not need to replace your gutters just yet however if you have several sections that are rusted and larger than quarter size holes you may be more cost effective to replace the gutter then continuing to repair it.

4. Water Puddles

Remember as a kid growing up how you loved to put on those knees high rain boots and splash around in the puddles outside your house, those were the good old days because as an adult those puddles mean dollars in gutter repairs are in your future. When water pools around the base of your foundation and goes unchecked, it can cost major damages and costly repairs such as mold and or water damages inside your home’s basement. However even if you do not notice water puddles after a rainstorm that does not mean your gutters are in great shape. After a rainstorm hits Delaware go into your basement and see if there are any signs of water leaks.

#5 Lawn Jewelry

While you are out in your lawn gardening if you find lawn jewelry that are about 18 to 24 inches long about the length of a silver necklace but much wider these are called gutter hangers and is a sign you need gutter repairs because if there laying underneath your roof edges your gutters are not secured and during a rainstorm the gutters can fall so its important to have them refastened right away.

Gutter Hangers Missing? You Need Gutter Repairs

How to know if I need Gutter Repairs or Replacement Gutters?

Gutters are the unsung hero of every home and while they may get overlooked until there is a problem you want to make sure you do routine gutter cleaning and check for these signs however there are times when gutters are past the point of repairs, and you will need replacement gutters. Some of these signs that you need replacement gutters include overflowing water, soil erosion, shifting or cracking foundation, separated gutters, and gutters that are over 15 years or need constant repairs. In some as its simply less expensive to replace gutter then to continue repairing them. Also, if you are having your roof replaced this is a great time to consider having new gutters added. At Even Flow we offer seamless K style gutters that can be customized to your home and come with a limited lifetime guarantee.

Save More Money with Gutter Repairs

Every Delaware homeowner wants to stretch their home improvement budget and in an uncertain economy, we understand. The best way to do so is to fix smaller problems now rather than deal with larger and more costly repairs in the future such as roof repairs or foundational problems which are common when you delay gutter repairs. Another way to stretch your budget is after a storm to inspect your gutters for any of these signs because catching the issues early on will keep your gutters in tip-top shape so that you do not need to replace your gutters but every 15 to 20 years depending on the type of gutters you choose. If you suspect you need gutter repairs call EvenFlow Services for a free consultation, we will schedule a time most suitable to meet with you to inspect your gutter free of charge and if you have any issues, we will notify you and provide a free quote and an honest price to fix them. Our technicians are certified, licensed and insured to take care of your home in Newark, Bear, Wilmington and anywhere in Delaware.

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