Delaware Gutter Installation

Over the course of the next few weeks, we are going to be sharing with you how to properly hang gutters. Let me start off with a warning before we jump into this project. Even if you are a professional DIY handyman, gutter installation can be a hairpulling experience if you have never done it before. Before starting this project decide now if you have the hours to devote to this. The average two-story home in Bear Delaware takes about 3 to 8 hours including planning and shopping supplies. Then you want to decide if you have the proper tools this job requires. In this lesson, we will go over the tools and materials required to hang your Delaware gutters and how to choose the right gutters for your home. If along the way you decide it’s best to hire a professional gutter company call Delaware gutter installers EvenFlow Services if not happy hanging! Follow us and we will show you all you need to know so that you can safely and effectively install your gutters while avoiding costly repairs or having your home suffer from water damages.

Tools Required to hang gutters.

Tools for gutter installation

Pro Tip 1: The first thing you will want to do is to gather all the tools and supplies so you are not constantly running back and forth to your local hardware store.

Extension ladder: Choose the right ladder by following the 4 to 1 rule so if the height to your gutter is 13 t 17 feet you need an extension ladder that is 24 feet to install your gutters safely.

Cordless drill: Keep those batteries charged so you are not stuck halfway in the middle of your gutter installation job.

Crimper: This is for the end cap of your gutters

Duckbill tin snips: This will help you to cut your gutter guards.

Hex head screwdriver: This will give you a more secure hold that you will need to install most gutters and downspouts. Gutters will either be slotted or unslotted and require a flat head.

Aviation (Offset tin) snips: To cut the metal gutters being installed you will need a pair of aviation snips.

Pop Rivet Gun: We don’t advise just using your strength to install the rivet nuts.

Gutter Materials List:

Gutters and Gutter Flashing: The most popular gutters installed in Delaware are aluminum, but you could save a few bucks and install viny gutters. Our preferred choice is a seamless aluminum gutter because they require less maintenance, are more durable, and look better on your home.

Gutter hanging strap: In our climate, we recommend installing gutter hangers 2 feet apart to give your system more support.

Downspout: Choose a color to match your home so that you won’t have to paint them later

1/8-in ed length rivet nuts

Self-tapping hex head screws (1 1.4”) and ¼ hex head screws aka zippers

Sealant: You don’t want to use just any sealant as water leaks can cause severe damage, we recommend either flex seal or Adiseal. Both are great products worth checking out.

Choosing the Right Gutters:

If you want to have the best gutters for your Delaware home then here are a few things to ponder. The biggest mistake most homeowners make is choosing the wrong gutters because why you may very well have a track home, no two homes are identical when it comes to needs so the marketing ploy of “ one size fits all” is not entirely true. Consider:

  • Roof pitch
  • Roofing materials:
  • Square footage of home:
  • Our rainfall: On average Bear, Delaware’s annual rainfall is 45 inches a year, but what about melted ice and snow….hmmm

Three Styles of Gutters to Install

While there are half-rounded and fascia gutters at EvenFlow Services we prefer K-style gutters for their many benefits. Installing K-style gutters provides a seamless finish that is less prone to water leaks and can hold more of those 45 inches of rain than a half-rounded gutter. K-style gutters are also more durable and less likely to bend when we have snow and ice during the winter. Now as a gutter installation company we have a machine that makes these gutters at the job site so they are customized for your home and as a DIY this is one less advantage that you will have.

Gutter Material Options

When it comes to installing gutters, you will discover you have several choices to make including which material you should use for your Delaware home. Some of these choices include:


  • Copper
  • · Galvanized Steel
  • · Zinc
  • · Vinyl
  • · Galvalume
  • · Aluminum

Each material has its pros and cons and different price points, but the most popular gutter material is aluminum. These are also the easiest gutters for DIY to install but the downside to aluminum gutters is if they are not correctly installed our snow and ice can damage them. If you do the job right your aluminum gutters will last about 20 to 30 years. One sure way to make sure that your gutters have the longest lifespan possible is to choose a gutter that is seamless. The seam in a gutter is where the gutter is most vulnerable. Over the years of handling the outdoor elements, they can be ripped apart from the home which can lead to water damages. With seamless K-style gutters, you’re giving your home the added protection and saving money over the long haul from more costly repairs.

Choosing the right size of gutter

Another way to make sure you have the best gutters for your home is to choose the right size of gutters. The standard gutters come in 5- or 6-inch width with downspouts that are 2×3 or 3×4 in length. Due to the fact that Delaware doesn’t have the rain that says Seattle or Houston sees we need to base the size of the gutter on the pitch of your roof. If you have a steep roof pitch, then you want to choose a larger gutter. Next, you want to purchase gutter hangers that are 2 feet apart- in other areas 3 feet is sufficient but due to the ice and snow we recommend spacing them closer together for extra security.


Now that we have covered the basics of the tools and supplies required to hang gutters on your Delaware home. It’s time to hit the local hardware store. We always recommend shopping local and supporting our community here are a few local stores to pick up tools and supplies:

  • Red Lion Hardware
  • Ron Ell Hardware

· If we didn’t include you please reach out to us and you carry tools and gutter supplies we’d be happy to connect.

Skip The Hardware Hassle

EvenFlow Delaware #1 Gutter Installation Company

Is it really worth the time, tools, and having a poor installation job done when you can call EvenFlow Services, Delaware’s best gutter installers? We have over 25 years of experience, family-owned and operated, and during the month of May in honor of our wonderful Mothers who do it all, we are offering a $50.00 discount to any Mom looking for gutter installation in Bear DE, Wilmington DE, New Castle DE, Hockessin DE, Middletown DE. When you hire EvenFlow you will know your gutters have been installed by a professional, insured and licensed team.

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