How To Install Christmas Lights on Your Delaware Home

It’s hard to believe within a few weeks it will look a whole lot like our favorite time of year, Christmas. But what would the holidays be like if we didn’t have twinkling lights. Today we are going to share with you tips from our Delaware Christmas light installers that will make your Middletown home look festive in no time at all.

Create A Plan: The first step is to create a plan for where you want to install your Christmas lights, the most common place is the edge of your roof. But you may also want to consider your sidewalks, along your porch or deck, or you can add them to your landscaping like trees, bushes, and shrubs.

Measure: Once you decide what areas of your property you want to hang Christmas lights you need to plan out how many lights will be needed by measuring the area. Take a tape measure and a ladder to measure all the gutter and the roofs peaks. If your installing professional Christmas lights on your Delaware property, then you can space the lights out as you wish but if your using retail Christmas light then most strands have one bulb every 1.5 feet.

Gather Supplies: Once you decide what areas of your property you want to hang your DE Christmas lights then you need to figure out what supplies it will take to complete your holiday display. If you really want to wow your family and neighbors choose a theme from one of your favorite holiday movies or Disney characters like Olaf. In addition to purchasing holiday lights, you will also need heavy duty extension cords and gutter clips. Most gutter clips can also work on roofing shingles.

Christmas Lights Bear Delaware

5 Steps To Hanging Christmas Lights On Gutters

1. Take the gutter clip and connect it to base of the C9 bulb in the direction you plan for the light to shine. Before you hang the lights, you want to test them to make sure all your bulbs work and that the cord can reach your outdoor extension cord.

2. Begin to install the Christmas lights that are closest to the electrical plug on the outside of your home. Make sure there is enough slack in the cord and that the cord lays flush against your bricks.

3. Moving your ladder along your gutters clip each light make sure to have a spotter who can hold the ladder as you don’t want to shift your weight

4. Once you have one light stand installed connect the second light strand and keep using one bulb per each clip. When you reach the end of your gutters you can run light up to the peak of your roof or down to the ground

5. Once you have finished installing Christmas lights on your Delaware home you want to take blue painters tape and cover the unused sockets so that no water from rain, snow or sleet can get into the socket and cause the lights to short out.

Delaware Christmas Light Installers EvenFlow Service

Need Help With Your Delaware Christmas Lights?

Many times, homeowners are too busy with all the hustle and bustle of the season and need a reliable Christmas light installer in Delaware who can help to create your magical holiday display. Our team at EvenFlow services is a gutter cleaning company so we are very use to working on ladders and know how to make sure your gutters don’t become damaged in the process. Our service is complete turnkey, so we provide the Christmas lights, install them, and remove them for you after the holidays are over. For a free estimate to install your Delaware Christmas lights this season complete our form and we will give you a call or you can call 302-266-0332

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