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When was the last time you gave your commercial property a once over? Most of us focus on the interior of how our business looks but the first impression a new client makes is based on the outside appearance of your building. In the summer months commercial buildings and store fronts can take a real beating. Many business owners if they were to scan over their property will find their store looks rather shabby if it has been some time since you power washed it you may notice dirt, grease, gun, and pollution are caked onto your brick and vinyl siding and some businesses even have evidence of mold and mildew which can be harmful to your staff. With Delaware ever changing weather conditions, the summer months is a great time to invest in having your property professionally cleaned. When property owners go an extended period of time without cleaning their place up your property value may decrease as it begins to deteriorate.

Now there has been some argument as to whether or not you should power wash a building, the short answer is the older methods can create damages but with soft power washing it relies on the chemicals to do the heavy lifting of removing dirt, grime, and mold so there are no damages to your property. This is one reason you want to not use the big box store pressure washers you see and call an experienced professional who has the expertise and right equipment for the job such as Dave with EvenFlow Services in Bear DE.

Advantages of Power Washing

So just what are the benefits of power washing has many benefits you may not realize, lets share our top 3 reasons why you should schedule a cleaning this summer.

  1. #1 Protect your business now from needing future repairs!

There is an old adage that says an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and this is true when it comes to protecting your business from unnecessary and larger damages that can be prevented. In fact, compared to all the damages that power washing can be prevent, it makes it extremely reasonable to have this service at least once if not twice each year. When you have your building professionally cleaned it removes mold and minerals that build u and eat away at the exterior of your building. Take church buildings as an example, these buildings often have such aesthetic features such as arches, turrets, and hidden corners can make cleaning rather difficult but with power washing it can clean even those hard-to-reach nook and cranny to make sure that your finish and paint stays safe and thoroughly cleaned. Pressure washing is safe for the environment and your customers. Many of our clients initially express concerns with the safety of the cleaning methods utilized by our team in high traffic areas. EvenFlow of Delaware has previously worked on apartments and commercial buildings. We incorporate environmentally safe cleaning techniques and solutions guaranteed to not pose any threat to the health and safety of tenants and customers. We use high-temperature and eco-friendly cleaning methods to ensure run-off will not damage your building’s landscaping as well, which can also be a major concern for Home Owner’s Associations or building owners.

#2 Power Washing is Good For Business

Your building’s exterior is the first thing a visitor sees! Never discount the impact a first impression can have. Without power washing how else can you removed that tough baked on grime like you dirty gum that is stuck on walkways or bird poop from the building that is a huge deterrent. A business that does not take steps to ensure a positive appearance may very well cause potential customers to shop elsewhere for the services you provide especially restaurants, think of those spider webs or dead flies that are stuck on windows that people spot just as they are about to bite into their hamburger, gross! This is why you may also want to enlist the service of a professional commercial window cleaner. Regularly scheduled power washing and window cleaning in Delaware will keep your place looking inviting and shows that you take pride in your businesses appearance.

Wilmington Delaware Best Commercial Power Washing Company

EvenFlow services works with a variety of commercial properties from churches and retail shopping centers to churches and even day care centers located in Wilmington, Middletown, Newark, and throughout DE to keep their businesses looking in tip top shape and reflecting a positive image to their clients and community. We are a full-service exterior cleaning company so that means we handle everything from the power washing your parking lot to cleaning your roof top. The combination of our professional cleaning expertise over the past two decades and the use of modern day techniques from carbon fiber window cleaning to industry leading power cleanings with the ability to adjust PSI according to our customers’ needs and the surface we are hired to clean, make us second to one when choosing a commercial window cleaning or power washing company. Get in touch and let us show you what we can do for your commercial building.

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