Task To Add To Your Spring Cleaning

Let us help you with these spring cleaning tips to improve your home’s exterior

Okay so maybe this is a little premature but it feels spring is in the air, and if Santa didn’t bring you a new home this Christmas you can still freshen up your existing Delaware home by giving your home a new look for the brand-new year. Here is our recommended list of inexpensive ways to maximize your homes curb appeal.

  1. New Light Fixtures
  2. Lawn Care
  3. Painting (door, trim, house, etc.)
  4. New garage door
  5. Soft Wash House/ Roof
  6. Wash Your Driveway, Patios, and Decks
  7. Window Cleaning


Light Fixtures

Did you know that light fixtures are often one of the first things your guest see when they arrive? One very cost-effective way to improve the exterior of your New Castle home is to update your light fixture every few years and keep them clean by removing eyesores such as dirt and cobwebs.

Lawn Care

Keeping your lawn in great condition tops the list of easy curb appeal projects. When your lawn is overgrown or turning brown it says to neighbors and buyers that your home is not a priority.


Touchup painting can work wonders for your homes appearance. Simply add some color to your front door and take care of the trim around your home. If the paint is chipping or flaking, spruce things up.

New Garage Door

Want a solid return on your homes investment- replace the old garage door. This is one area many Delaware homeowners overlook until it’s time to sale as we don’t often pay attention to the garage door, but others will and do especially if your garage door is in a highly viable area.

Soft Wash the House and Roof

A great way to rewind the hands of time on your home is to restore its shine by having your home washed. Unlike pressure washing, soft washing will gently eliminate surface contaminants without causing your home any unnecessary damages. Our chemicals our designed to remove algae, mold, mildew, and dirt that cake to the side of your brick, stucco, or siding. Not only will it give your Delaware home a makeover but having your home professionally washed can increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars. For a house and roof shine on a dime contact your friendly and knowledgeable exerts at EvenFlow Services.

Pressure Wash Concrete

Have you ever noticed that half of your yard is concrete? The best way to boost your New Castle lawn is by pressure washing your concrete surfaces. Washing your driveway, sidewalks and other exterior surfaces will restore their shine. Before pressure washing you will want to sweep all the surface and then use proper cleaning agents that will remove tough stains such as grease and oils or contact your friendly experts at EvenFlow.

Clean Windows

Never underestimate the difference clean windows can make, not only will we have your home feeling clean but having your windows professionally cleaned will remove contamination and pollutants that are stuck to your glass preventing you from seeing the great outdoors natural light. ​​

EvenFlow Can Help

Let EvenFlow help start your new year off by having your house, roof, driveway, and all exterior surfaces soft or power washed to maximize your curb appeal. Our friendly and skilled experts will remove the valuable time of doing it yourself. We have been helping New Castle homeowners for over 20 years, and we are always happy to help more customers achieve the same exceptional results. Call today for a hassle free quote and let’s make 2021 your homes best year yet!

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