There are many homeowners who underestimate the impact your gutters have to the exterior of your home. Gutters can cause a lot of unnecessary headaches and hassles from pooling water on the ground to foundational damage. These troubles can lead you down a costly road that we want to help our neighbors in New Castle county avoid.

Before we discuss the issues – there is good news! Most gutter problems can be avoided by staying proactive. Here is EvenFlow top 5 list of the most common problems gutters cause and how you can prevent them or call our team for a free, no hassle quote at 302-266-0332.

Problem #1: Leaks

When a gutter springs a leak, it can eventually turn into a major issue if left unattended.

There are a few culprits that can lead to gutter leaks.

One of the leading causes is loose fasteners When the gutter is fastened to a roof there secured with hangers or screws that over time can pop out of place. When water from ice, melted snow, or rain runs off your roof, it can flow over the rear edge of your gutter and fascia boards.

Cracks and holes also lead to gutter leaks. The common area for cracks and holes is generally located where the fasteners passes through the metal.

Wondering how you can fix those leaky gutters before they cause extensive damage? The easiest way is to caulk leaky gutter seams. Once the inside of your gutter has dried out make sure to brush off any debris from the seam before applying silicone or caulking used specially for gutters. Apply the silicone or caulking to the seams along the inside and outside to seal the leaks. You can find both products at any Bear Delaware hardware store.

Problem #2: Gutter Joint Separation

Many homeowners call us when they notice their gutters are pulling apart from each other, this is a common issue that is caused by clogs and an accumulation of debris such as leaves and twigs. The joint area of your gutters can be vulnerable to separation due to the unnecessary weight of filled gutters. Gutters must be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid this issue. Once the problem occurs silicone and caulk are not strong enough to join the two gutter pieces back together, instead you will need to use rivet for separated gutter sections. To secure the joints together securely drill holes that overlap the edges in the sections and insert 1/8-inch rivets.

Problem #3: Improper Slope

Many homeowners don’t think about their gutter slope, but this is vital to the overall functioning of your gutter system. An incorrect slope also referred to as the pitch can lead to a multitude of unwanted issues.

The gutter slope is the amount your gutters slant downward to direct the path of water flow. If the gutter slope is tilted away from your house, it can cause an overflow especially during rain or snowstorms. Also, the pitch of gutter, heading towards your downspout can cause overflow if it’s too steep. Same goes for lack of pitch, which will cause the water to pool in one spot rathe than flowing towards an exit. A general rule of thumb is to slope the gutter at 1/4th inch per every 10 feet of gutters.

The best way to check for the problem is after a rainstorm get on your roof and check if there is standing water, if there is then it’s not properly pitched so give EvenFlow a call or alleviate the issue yourself measure from the peal to the downspout. Snap a chalk line between the two and find the area where the gutter is out of alignment. At times you can push it up into place by bending the hanger, if this does not solve the issue, you may need to remove the section and rehang it. If you have seamless gutters, call the company that installed them to correct the issue.

Problem #4: Bad Downspout Draining

Not only do your gutters need sloped at a precise angle, but the downspouts need specific direction as well. If downspouts drain too close to the home, this can also result in pooling water around the home.

If you’re installing downspouts on your gutter system, be sure that they extend several feet from your home. Otherwise, they’ll dump water right into your basement or pool on the ground beside the foundation.

Problem #5: Ice Dams

One serious issue in New Castle is ice dams. The dams are the result of snow melting off your roof and collecting in your gutter system. When the water hits the gutter, it freezes. The ice continues to compile resulting in an ice dam. Ice dams can weigh down the gutter pulling the gutter away from your home. Not only will you need gutter repairs but you need a team that will act quickly to fix your roof and properly insulate the attic to avoid further issues.

Avoid Gutter Troubles Forever!

There is a way to keep gutter problems from costing you a time, money, and larger costly repairs. Gutter CLEANING!

Our team will set you on a reoccurring schedule so that your gutters are cleaned on a quarterly or bi-annual bases—ideally spring and fall. Hiring EvenFlow means you won’t have to spend your time climbing a ladder or fishing out the debris by hand only to repeat the process in a few short months. We also provide gutter sticks and protectors to help your gutters run smoother, don’t get clogged and you won’t have to worry about ice dams or excessive debris that cause leaks. For a free no hassle quote call today.

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