Pressure Washing in Newark DE

When homeowners are looking to spruce up their lawn, they often think about mowing their lawn or adding a new landscape design, but have you noticed half your lawn is concrete? While mowing your yard with a self-propelled lawn mower is easier than power washing your Newark DE driveway the benefits of power washing make this back breaking chore worthwhile. The biggest benefit is that it makes your front yard look instantly fresh and clean, stain and mildew free, and consequently gives your property a boost. So, if you are getting ready for your four-day weekend to do some home improvement consider adding power washing on your list of exterior cleaning chores.

Benefits of Power Washing for Delaware Homeowners

Your driveway is one of the most used features of your entire lawn and for this reason it is easy to accumulate stains and if there not removed early, they do not look unsightly but can damage your driveway causing pitting and cracks that can cost thousands of dollars to restore. Over time as grime, algae, and motor oil sit on the driveway they wear it down decreasing your property value and the overall value of your home so spending a day outdoors power washing may not sound as great as relaxing inside the AC watching baseball game, but it is a necessity of you want to avoid larger and more costly expenses and prevent accidents and injuries. The best time of year to power wash in Newark is during the sunny days of summer when there is no chance of water freezing over and when stains are more apparent. In this post we will share the best way to power wash your driveway or other concrete surfaces. If you lack the time to power wash your Delaware property or simply would rather pass the wet and dirty chore of power washing off to a trusted Delaware professional give EvenFlow Services a call for all your exterior cleaning needs.

How to Power Wash your Newark driveway

If you are a, do it yourself we suggest you become as acquainted as possible with the machine you are using to avoid injuries, with the right pressure water can be like a knife, the water can cut your toes to the bone the same way the blade of a lawn mower blade can if not protected. The PSI to use should be around 2000 and if you want to remove those hard to remove stains from your driveway such as motor oil then turn the nozzle to the 25 degrees position on non-stained surfaces a 40 degrees nozzle should work sufficiently. When using a spray wand do not try to douse your spouse with water as this can lead to injuries, keep the nozzle pointed down and directly away from toes, fingers, and anything that is easily breakable. In most instances water alone should work but if it has been longer than a year since your power washed your Newark DE driveway, garage floors, or other concrete surface then you may want to use a product such as Gutter Butter. This product is a true cleaning agent that will remove the oxidation off the surfaces and is also 100% biodegradable so its safe for your lawn and our environment. Simply allow the Gutter Butter concrete cleaner to sit about 10 or 15 minutes on the surface using a hard bristle brush then rinse and repeat until the stains lift. If you are power washing a patio, porch, or walkway you may want to cover the area with a plastic tarp to prevent accidentally breaking a window or chipping off some of the paint. Make sure to tape the tarp around those fragile area by using a blue role of painter’s tape. After fragile areas are secured and the greaser has set into the stain you should start power washing your driveway or garage at the highest end so the way can run downwards and to avoid streaks you want to just sweep the nozzle back and forth overlapping the strokes, so the surface gets nice and cleaned. Once you have power washed your Delaware property you may want to consider adding a water and concrete sealant like Flex Seal that is resistant to Delaware outdoor weathering such as snow, ice, and rain and will provide a safe nonslip barrier. Another added bonus to using a sealant is their mildew resistant and prevents rust or corrosion on outdoor surfaces that you may also consider cleaning such as gutters, basement, or the wooden trim around your clean windows. If you decide to use a sealant then wait 24 to 48 hours to gibe it sufficient drying time.

Looking for a Power Washing Service Provider in Newark DE?

Power Washing Company Delaware

If you decide you would rather sit back, relax, and watch the game this weekend instead of scrubbing your concrete then call Delaware best power washing company since 1994. We have the knowledge, tools, and desire to make your to-do list a little shorter the summer and in addition to offering power washing we also offer gutter cleaning and window cleaning in Newark, Wilmington, Bear, and throughout Delaware. We offer flexible appointments and honest pricing. You can reach us at 302-366-0332 for same day service or visit us online at

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