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  Roof Washing 
Soft wash roof washing for Delaware homeowners

Delaware Best Roof Washing 

Removing the dirt, mold, and mildew to protect your roofs shingles and save years off replacing your roof

Your roof is one of the most expensive home-related investments you’ll ever make, yet roofs are also one of the most neglected parts of the house – doesn’t make sense. Your roof is exposed to Delaware weather from rain and snow to ice and UV rays as well as pollutants that can adversely impact your roof's shingles. Just as you keep your lawn watered and trimmed, your roof requires maintenance to help prolong its life and ultimately save you money.

What Can Happen If You Don’t Wash Your Roof


During Delaware, rainy and humid weather algae and other botanical growths such as moss and lichens can quickly grow on your roof causing your roof to remain damp and this can cause rot. While algae are unattractive, they are not harmful to your shingles the way moss is. Moss makes the edges of the shingles curl upward, making your shingles more likely to blow off during windy weather.

Another reason to wash your roof is to avoid those unsightly black streaks.  


Have You Noticed Black Streaks on Your Roof?


The main bacteria that cause those “black-streaks” on your roofs are called Globocrats Magma, this bacterium as well as other bacteria, algae, molds, fungus, and lichen are some of the main causes of roofing material breakdown and decomposition. The lichen has a filament root system that will grow down into an asphalt shingle to feed and ultimately pull the aggregate granule layer off exposing the asphalt layer, therefore, starting a rapid deterioration. When you keep your roof thoroughly cleaned you eliminate these risks down to their root and maximize your shingle life for up to 20-25 years. The best preventive to all of this is soft washing.

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Roof Washing 

Is Your Roof Saying "Wash Me?" 

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Soft Wash Your Roof

Soft washing your roof safely removing dirt, grime, mold, and mildew. In fact, it kills the mold and mildew down to their root while also protecting your roof shingles as instead of relying on high-pressure water it’s a gentle stream of water mixed with our eco-friendly cleaning agents.

  • A roof that lasts longer saves you thousands 

  • A healthier living environment for your family

  • Improves your homes energy efficiency 

  • A cleaner roof adds to the value of your Delaware property.  

  • Protects your roof from potential harmful leaks and decay 


Before you replace your roof, clean it. Every year, Delaware homeowners are deceived into thinking they need a new roof because of those unsightly black streak. Before investing thousands of dollars CONTACT EVENFLOW for your same-day affordable quote. 

Delaware Choice For Roof Washing Since 1994

EvenFlow is Delaware's best choice for roof washing and exterior cleaning. We go above and beyond for our clients to ensure they receive the best cleaning and service anywhere in the New Castle County area. We are veteran and family-owned since 1994. We are happy to answer any questions and provide you with a fast, no-hassle quote. Generally, we can provide a quote over the phone or drive out to meet with you at no cost. Once you hire us, we will get to work to improve your roof right away. Here are a few reasons why we feel we are the right choice for your exterior cleaning needs. 


Other House Washing Benefits:

       100% Guarantee on Roof Washing

       We are licensed and insured for your peace of mind

       We Use Only the best equipment & cleaning agents


        Affordable Service & Upfront Pricing

       Same day power washing in Bear DE


Gutter Cleaning Wilmington


Dave is super responsive and has the best prices in town. He cleans my gutters 2x per year, power washes my house periodically and keeps my dryer vent clear. I highly recommend him.  Call him today for a free estimate. 302-266-0332.

Stay Off The Roof With Our Exterior Cleaning Services

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Do you need fall or spring gutter cleaning to keep your gutters free flowing ? Give us a call for same day and next day gutter cleaning in Wilimgton DE, Newark De, Bear DE, or across New Castle County and we will get your gutters that look like the photo on the left to the gutters on the right within a few hours plus we will blow off your roof, provide photos so you can see our work and bag all the debris so there is no mess left behind!

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If you have a new home or a home with old gutters we offer Delaware gutter installation to sure your home stays safe and gutter guards to minimize the cleaning. Whatever your gutters need in Delware, EvenFlow Services can help. 

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We are happy to offer Christmas light installation to the following zip codes. 19701, 19702, 19707, 19736, 19709, 19734, 19896, 19711, 19713,19714,19715,19716 19717 and across

New Castle County. If you want a street free holiday season give us a call - we start taking appointments as early as the end of summer.  

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