Do you want to get rid of the grime that darkens your windows? How about the mold, dust, mildew, and other debris on the gutter, the wall, and other exterior parts of your house or business establishment? Go for soft wash power washing, the latest and safest way of cleaning surfaces.

What is Soft Wash Power Washing?

Many people are familiar with pressure wash but, not as many know about soft wash power washing, a modern way of cleaning building exteriors using cleaning agents and a stream of low pressure water. The most common cleaning agent used is bleach or the liquid form of chlorine and a foaming agent.

The cleaning mixture of bleach, foaming agent, and water is applied to the surface that needs cleaning. The bleach removes the dust and dirt, while the foam absorbs them, even the spider webs. The area is sprayed with a low-pressure stream of water that washes away the foamy mixture along with the grits and grime. This method is compatible with a wide range of surfaces, such as concrete, marble, granite, brick or vinyl siding.

Why is Soft Wash Power Washing a Good Way of Cleaning?

There are several reasons why soft wash power washing is an ideal cleaning method.


Cleaning exteriors with soft wash power washing will not cause any harm to the surface. There is no chance that the surface will be damaged because of the low pressure of the water sprayed to wash away all residues. In addition, even if the surface is made of less sturdy materials, it is less likely for the liquid to seep in, preventing damage such as cracks and breakage, as well as the growth of mold and mildew that can weaken the surface.

Better Result

The cleaning agents leave a cleaner result compared to using water alone, which is the case in high-pressure washing. The mixture can remove even the tiniest stains and spots.


The bleach kills germs and bacteria that dwell on the surface. Water, on the other hand, can only wash away the dirt but not the contaminants that thrive on dirty places. That makes using the soft wash technique safer for the residents or occupants of a business establishment.


With this method, it is easy to set up the equipment to use for cleaning. You do not need ladders or scaffolds. You do not need plenty of water. Soft wash power washing is done by professionals using the right equipment to reach heights of up to 50 feet. Everything is mechanized for speedy execution of the task.

Long-time Cleanliness

Debris that has stayed on the surface for long becomes an ideal habitat for molds, algae, mildew, and other organisms that can cause illness to both humans and plants.

So, why risk finding your property clean but damaged when you can have a safe way of giving it a full makeover in a safe way? Make soft wash power washing your cleaning method of choice.

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