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Gutter Cleaning in Wilmington DE

Contact EvenFlow Services, for affordable power washing or gutter cleaning in New Castle County, DE.

A dependable gutter contractor can save you thousands in maintenance and repair bills. At EvenFlow Services, we pride ourselves on being one of the best gutter contractors and gutter cleaners in Wilmington, DE, and the surrounding areas. Our expert gutter technicians have been serving residents with dedication and professionalism for years and have gained a unique understanding of their specific needs.You can count on us for gutter cleaning in Wilmington DE, among other quality gutter services:

  • Gutter Replacement & Installation

  • Gutter Guard Installation

  • Gutter Repairs

  • Rain Diverters

  • Gutter Brightening

  • Underground Gutter Cleaning- French Drain

  • Gutter Tune-ups & Maintenance

Contact us to schedule a routine gutter cleaning or emergency gutter repair service today. We look forward to your call.

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Gutter Repair in Wilmington DE 

Gutter Cleaning Wilmington


Dave is super responsive and has the best prices in town. He cleans my gutters 2x per year, power washes my house periodically and keeps my dryer vent clear. I highly recommend him.  Call him today for a free estimate. 302-266-0332.

Wilmington DE Top Gutter Cleaning Company

At EvenFlow Services, we’ve provided countless of homeowners with gutter cleaning throughout the Wilmington Delaware area since 1994. Gutter Cleaning is our specialty, and our experience equips us to complete both roof gutter cleaning and underground gutter cleaning also known as French drain cleaning.  Our service is an easy and affordable solution to prevent larger and more expensive home repairs that occur when your gutters are overflowing with debris or become clogged. If you are a new customer before we clean your gutters, we assess them to make sure they are secure and damage-free.  Then we remove all the debris from your gutters including leaves, twigs, pinecones and needles, acorns and the occasional flipflop or ball that managed to get into your gutters. In fact, many times debris get caught on the valley of your roof or behind your chimney, so our gutter cleaning also includes using an air blower to reach and clean those crevasses.  All other debris is removed by hand and placed into a bucket to be properly disposed of. We also blow out any small particles that our hands are unable to reach. Once gutter cleaning is complete, we flush the downspouts and then test each spout to ensure that water can freely flow out of them, if your downspout is clogged, we use a small snake or in some cases disable the joints to clear the blockage. After we know everything is working as its intended to our team will clean up the area, so it looks unspoiled and ready until your next gutter cleaning in the spring or fall.

Why Gutter Cleaning In The Spring & Fall

Due to the heavy foliage in our tree-loving state, we recommend for maximum performance to have gutters cleaning in Wilmington DE twice a year. Your spring cleaning is due to our rainy weather, in order to make sure there is no damage to your basement during torrential downpours gutters must be working properly to divert the rainwater. In the fall we clean gutters to remove the foliage so the gutters are light and free-flowing as during the freezing temperatures when snow and ice are prevalent it helps to minimize the damages.  Also, fall gutter cleaning will help to prevent from your gutters becoming frozen, gutters become frozen when there is a blockage and water builds up inside the gutters and in freezing weather turns to solid ice. The ice can melt from the heat inside your attic or home but then as it begins to flow and reaches the eaves it can refreeze, and this is how ice dams are formed which can create lasting damages to your roof and foundation. Again, the main function of your gutters is to move water freely away from your home and this includes melted snow, and ice. Without routine gutter cleaning in Wilmington DE, your gutters will struggle to do their job effectively and you could end up paying a high price for the damages this creates.

Gutter Repairs vs. Gutter Replacement

If you’re debating between having your gutters repaired or replaced, here are a  few tips from our gutter service technicians to help you weigh your options.'

  • DAMAGES: The determining factor between having your gutters repaired and having them replaced often determined by the severity of the damages you have. If you have small and minimal damages to your gutters often from the lack of routine gutter cleaning to your Wilmington DE home then repairing the gutter might just make your gutters work at their peak performance. However, if the sections of your gutters that are damaged or your gutters are older than 15 years it may be more cost-effective in the long run to have your gutters replaced especially if you do not yet have seamless gutters. Our team will do our best to repair your gutters if they are not corroded and there is o sign of mold or build-up. We have the ability to offer repairs such as:



  • Replace metal flashing

  • Repair or replace leaky joints

  • Add Waterproof sealant

  • Change out hangers that are bent

  • Replace Sections of Damaged Gutters

  • Repair Small puncture holes



COST:  Anytime that gutter repairs are more costly than replacement gutters we advise you to change out your gutters or if your gutters are in need of regular repairing such as every gutter cleaning done something else seems to be wrong. Depending on the extent of the damages and what needs to be repaired the average cost for gutter repairs in Wilmington DE between $150.00 to $600.00 were having your gutter replaced with an aluminum gutter which is the most cost-effective gutter on the market averages $1000.00 to $3000.00 – while this is a significant price jump having a few high dollar repairs can quickly add up to what you would spend overtime on new gutters. EvenFlow Services has over 25 years of experience in repairing and replacing gutters in Wilmington Delaware.  Call our team to discuss your problems and options, then together we will help you find the right solution, so your gutters problems are solved, and your home is protected from water damages. As with most home repairs, the longer you prolong repairs the more serious the damages can become which can rake up thousands in gutter replacements when a gutter repair may be all you needed had you called us sooner.  

Choose the #1 Gutter Cleaning Company in Wilmington DE  

You can trust our team at EvenFlow Services to deliver fast and superior gutter cleaning in Wilmington, DE. We focus on providing a hassle-free experience with fair upfront pricing, no mess left behind, and convenient scheduling options in addition to:

  • Fully licensed and insured services

  • Same-day service

  • Background-checked technicians

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Looking For Other Exterior Cleaning Services?
One Team Does It All!

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Our exterior house power washing services in Wilmington will ensure the exterior of your home is as clean as the interior. We use a low-pressure -high-quality soft washing that will not tear up your home the way traditional power washing does. We also ensure the house washing solution we use is not dangerous to your lawn and landscaping. Our Wilmington house power washing aims to make your home look new again.

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Roof cleaning is not an expense but an important investment in your roofing

system and the overall structural integrity of your home. In fact, roof power washing can preserve the life of your shingles as we work hard to remove the debris, mold, and mildew to ensure your shingles do not wear out prematurely. Our roof power washing in Wilmington helps you to stay off the oof, keep your ladder in the garage and sit back knowing your home is in the best of hands.

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Pressure or Power washing is an economical way of preserving your concrete and hardscapes. We safely clean your driveway, walkway, decks, patios, and fence for a fresh and clean look. The method we use will remove all the dirt, grime and stains that accumulate over time without damaging the surface. If you want your home to stand out contact EvenFlow for superior power washing in the Wilmington DE area. Put our experienced team to work and watch how we restore the look and feel of your home to a like-new condition.  Want to see what a difference pressure washing makes, check our our photo gallery

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Are your clothes taking longer than one drying cycle to remove all the moisture or do they come out hot to the touch? If so, it maybe time to have your dryer vent cleaned. We recommend having dryer vent leaning in Wilmington DE preformed once a year, don’t wait as the risk can not only damage your clothes but it can burn down your home.  

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The holiday season is just around the corner so now is a good time to consider who you want to install your Christmas lights Our Christmas light installers will get your home ready for the season. We use only the highest quality LED lights and our packages are all-inclusive. This means we install, maintain, and remove your Christmas lights making your holidays hassle-free. Contact our Wilmington DE Christmas light installers for a free quote but book early as space is limited.

Top Gutter Contractor in New Castle County

For any gutter services needs your home has, one team does it all from installing gutters on new homes to replacement gutters for homes that have damaged or worn our gutters. In addition we also provide gutter guards, if you have several maure trees on your property or the property located near you, guards will help to make sure you don't need as many frequent gutter cleaning in Wilmigton DE and that you don't incure gutter clogs into between gutter cleaning service in Wilmington DE. We also offer gutter tune-ups and gutter repairs in and near Wilminton DE. When you choose EvenFlow Services as your gutter cleaning company in Wilmington DE you can expect: 

  • Honest pricing

  • Licesed Technicians

  • Prompt Service 

  • No mess left behind

  • Fully licensed & Knoeledable techs

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