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Delaware Window Cleaning

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When it comes to clean windows never underestimate the difference streak-free windows can make to the overall appearance of your home. While many residents may prolong cleaning their windows on a routine basis we believe quality, steak free window washing is something to be admired, this is why we remove the difficult, dangerous, and time-consuming chore off your to-do list by offering the best window cleaning in Delaware. Forget vinegar, glass cleaner, and newspaper, and allow our team a chance to show you the benefits professional window cleaning can make.  

Benefits of Window Cleaning

EvenFlow Window Cleaning Team is committed to providing our customers in Wilmington DE, Newark DE, Bear DE, and throughout New Castle County an unparalleled level of professional exterior cleaning services to improve your curb appeal without having to do the elbow work. Because windows are one of the biggest investments a homeowner makes doesn’t it make sense to keep them streak-free and routinely maintained? Yet trying to clean windows with Windex and newspaper can be labor-intensive time consuming, this is where we can help provide you all the benefits of clean windows without any of the hassles including:    


  • Protects your glass from damages


  • Removes contaminants and pollutants off your glass


  • Takes off the mold from the window seal so it doesn’t enter inside the home


  • Protects indoor air quality


  • Removes streaks, dirt, paw prints, fingerprints, and those disgusting things that make you say “what is this?”


  • Helps to maintain your energy efficiency


  • Improves your outside view & indoor lighting  

We are the Delaware Best Residential and Commercial Window Cleaning Service in Delaware But Don't Take Our Word For it- Read What Your Neighbors Say About EvenFlow  

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Why Windows Get So Dirty? 

Many first-time windows cleaning customers in Delaware are surprised to see just how much dirt and grime our on their window glass, seals, tracks, and screens, a few things cause windows to get dirty including steam and grease from your kitchen, in fact, kitchen windows are the dirtiest windows in your home because when you are cooking build-up forms on the windows and getting grease off takes some serious elbow scrubbing. Another common reason you need you to need window cleaning in Delaware is because of our beloved family members and yes that includes your four-legged ones who lick the glass door or press their nose up against lower windows or perhaps jumping up on the glass to signal its time to go outside. If you have little ones their fingerprints will definitely leave their mark on your interior windows. Exterior windows also become dirty because your windows are a magnet for dust particles, smog, and pollen that floats around freely in the air landing on your glass. Once you have to experience the difference of having your windows professionally cleaned in Delaware, you’ll wonder why you did not do it sooner. Most of our customers see window cleaning as a preventive and necessary step in keeping their family safer and healthier by reducing the pollutants, they breathe in most customers continue to have their windows cleaned quarterly (every four months) to improve the air quality that circulates throughout your home.

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had to be out of town when Even Flow Services washed my windows on the outside and power washed my porch. That was not a problem. They did a great job and my only regret is that I wasn't here to meet them. I will be hiring them again. Great job!

Residential Window Cleaning in Delaware

  • Interior & Exterior Window

  • Screen Cleaning

  • Window Tracks Cleaned

  • Storm Window Cleaning

  • Skylight Cleaning 

  • Bundle your services for super savings

  • New Construction

Commercial Window Cleaning in Delaware


We understand the windows of your commercial property can attract or detour a customer from ever stepping foot inside, ever heard the term “window shopping” bring them inside of your establishment with EvenFlow commercial window cleaning in Delaware. Our team will work with you to create a customized plan to enhance your customers and staff experience while saving you a little money in the process. When you have your commercial windows cleaned more natural lighting can be used and that also means less wear and tear on your HVAC system. Natural light also enhances workplace performance and makes your building shine brighter and look fresher.   

What Separates EvenFlow From Other Window Washing Companies In Delaware

When you hire EvenFlow to clean your windows we use the latest technology called a water-fed pole system, the investment our company has made in this tool allows us to provide our customer's window cleaning using purified water. This means the minerals have been removed from the water through osmosis and since we do not use detergents, vinegar, or any chemicals our window cleaning will not only provide a superior clean but leave behind no residue that can damage your glass. When soap scum is left on window glass it can cause etching, in addition, it also cleans all the window frames and seals, and since we only use pure water its safer for the environment and allows us to clean the window from the ground to keep our crew safer while working on your home. In addition to cleaning windows using this carbon fiber water-fed pole, we can also clean solar panels and awnings. Trust us you will love the science behind the equipment we use!


In addition to the method, we use to wash your windows we also make using our service easier. If you want a one-time cleaning- no problem but if you are like most of our customers they prefer to have their window cleaning set on autopilot so their windows remain streak-free and shiny year around at their home or office. Simply tell us how often you would like to have window cleaning, then our team will preset each of those appointments so your date is secure, and then on the designated date we arrive, clean your windows and with as little disruption to your home or commercial property as we can.

Bundle Your Window Washing With Any Of Our Other Services To Save More Time & Money

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Whether your looking to have your looking to have your roof or house washed or need your driveway, fence, or patio power washed, our team can help. We offer same day and next day services and provide a 100% service guarantee. Our power washing team will remove dirt, grime, and years of wear and tear within hours making your home, roof, or exterior service look good as new!

Wilmington DE Gutter Repairs

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This homeowner contacted us and needed to have her home washed. The home on the right is us pressure washingHave your gutetrs began to sag or pull away from your home? Dont let gutters turn into larger and more costly damages. Or team can repair your gutters and if they need to be replaced we offer gutter installation as well.


Come spring or fall due to the vast amount of trees in our area you will likely need to fid a reliable gutter cleaning company in Delaware? You found us! We have over 25 years of experience and we are licensed, and insured fr your peace of mind so before you call another guttercompany call us for a free quote over the phone or fast same day service in Bear DE, Middletown DE, or anywhere in New Castle. 

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