Create A Dazzling Christmas Light Display in Delaware

Don’t you look forward to the holidays, there is a special feeling in the air that makes you wish it was Christmas all through the year. Our Delaware Christmas light installers are already preparing for the season so while it’s still eight weeks until we light up Wilmington, Bear, and New Castle County we wanted to share a few decorating tips to get you to thinking of how this year you can make create a holiday display that will have your neighbors gushing with envy and keep your spirits soaring.

Five Tips From Delaware Christmas Light Installers

First there is no one style fits all as light designs are as different as the homeowners who hang them. Some people prefer simple and elegant adding Christmas light along their gutters and roof while others want to pull out all the stops and give Clark Griswold a run for his money. Either way you want to make sure that you use LED bulbs as you don’t want an electric bill that’s sky high. Now without further a due here is out top 5 tips for creating your dream design.

#1 Get Creative: There are plenty of design, styles, and light colors to choose from but if you need some inspiration to get your mind off summer and onto holiday decorating you can google “Christmas light Delaware” you will see plenty of photos around the state that may spark an idea, also use social media, and if you really want to get into the spirit click here to see previous episodes of the Great American light challenge, where people from all across the U.S. submit their holiday light designs that are over the top.

# 2 Plan Your Budget – Decide on what your Christmas light budget is by writing a wish list of all you would like to have. Decide on what you want to reasonably spend and if anything is going to make you or your spouse fill guilty cross it off the list. However, if you are thinking you want an elaborate display where can you cut back to make it happen, maybe take lunches to work instead of dining out for the month of November. Also go ahead and pull all the items you already own down and check to see what works and what needs to be thrown out. Also, in the budget decide now if you are going to hang your own decor or if you’re going to hire a Christmas light installer in Delaware to remove the stress of the season. If you’re going to hire someone start early calling around to check prices and add your name to the list. The season is short, so this means you want to book your Delaware Christmas light services sooner rather than wait. At EvenFlow Services we offer an early bird discount. You can also have your Christmas lights installed and leave them unplugged until your ready to turn them on.

# 3 Plan Your Scene: Taking all the decorations you have into consideration, consider what you have to work with and how to add to it. If you want to change things up while sticking to a shoestring budget, you may want to exchange all the solid white lights for a few strands of red lights to create a candy cane look. You can use the extra white lights you have to maybe wrap around a tree, string through some bushes or add some ground lights by string the lights along your walkway or driveway. The best way to decide is to take some scrap printer paper and colored pencils and sketch out your ideas. Make sure to include where the outlets are on the exterior of your home. When it comes to using extension cords, they can be a trip hazard so make sure to never run them through a door or leave them out on your yard. Once you have a sketch, write out a list of all the items you need to turn your dream design into reality.

# 4 Gather The Decorations: Once you know what items you’re going to need you want to shop around for the best deals. Decide on which colors you want to complete your style, while many Delaware residents choose white Christmas lights think outside the box and go with blue, pinks, green, or multicolored. Always use LED lights. Since you are starting early in the season consider ordering them online through one of Delaware Christmas light pros. If your using commercial grade lights you only need one C9 bulb per every foot. Professional grade Christmas lights are brighter, last longer, and are custom fitted to your home. Don’t forget to purchase light clips, a dusk to dawn timer, zip ties, and a hot glue gun with plenty of sticks if you’re going to be adding light to any bricks. You may also want to gather a few plastic totes that can be handy for storing your supplies after the season and a handyman’s pouch, this will keep your hands freed up to work instead of trying to juggle supplies. Always make sure when climbing on the rooftop to check out your ladder and make sure it’s the right height for your home and is safe for climbing up, which leads us to our final tip for planning a dazzling Delaware Christmas light display.

# 5 Safety First: When it comes to installing your Christmas, lights make sure to proceed with caution or contact a Delaware Christmas light pro to save you the hassle. If you are hanging your own allow yourself plenty of daylight, enlist a spotter so that your safer on a ladder, and be careful with using electricity. You want to avoid ever nailing, teaching, or screwing holiday lights. check not only the bulb but also the wiring for any frays or cracks, if there are damages to the wires or the bulbs don’t risk your safety by using faulty supplies that can lead to a short and cause a fire. Don’t overload your circuits and always use an automated timer as you don’t want to forget to turn your lights off before heading to bed or being aware from home.

Looking For A Delaware Christmas Light Pro?

Delaware Christmas Pro -EvenFlow Services

If you are going to be hiring a Christmas light installer in Wilmington, Newark, Bear, or anywhere in New Castle County call EvenFlow Services we offer a free design consultation, a fair and upfront price, and install-remove and store your holiday lights for a reasonable price removing all the work and providing plenty of joy. We are booking for 2021 now so don’t delay- call today 302-266-0332 or complete our online form.

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