Driveway Pressure Washing, Bear DE

Driveways are a high trafficked area that take a real pounding year around that is often compounded by Delaware’s winter. During the winter we often use salt and/ or sand on our driveways that leave behind granules. The sand granules that accumulate leave debris on your concrete and asphalt that can harm your concrete. The best way to maintain your driveway, sidewalks and walkways is pressure washing.

When you pressure wash your driveway, you will also prevent mildew, mold, algae ad moss that eat away at your concrete surface. When these growths are left untreated, they become a safety hazard and can rack up costly repairs over time. Pressure washing your driveway will eliminate these harmful growths and discourage them from returning. Pressure washing also helps to limits weed growth. During the spring you will notice weeds will growing along the cracks in your driveway. If their roots are not removed, they can make the cracks found in your driveway widen. We recommend annually pressure washing your driveway to remove these weeds along with the dirt that enables weeds to grow and after pressure washing adding a coat of sealant to hep keep your driveway cracks weed free for the remainder of the year.

Pressure washing your driveway ad sidewalks will also eliminate stains. Your driveway is susceptible to tough stains from oil that accumulates to md and dirt. These stains adhere to the paving and need more than a water hose. Our team uses cleaning agents that get into every crack and pore to break up these tough stains. When we are finished cleaning, your driveway will not look as good as new but will be far safer. Have you ever noticed that driveway becomes slippery? The surface of your driveway should be rough but over time build up such as mold, mildew and oily residue reduces the friction and makes your driveway slippery. Pressure washing your driveway will remove these deposits and help to restore the surface of your driveway and walkways to their original consistency.

Another added benefit from pressure washing your driveway is a clean driveway boost your curb appeal and your property value. Believe it or not your driveway is one of the first tings visitors see when they arrive. Having a clean driveway increases your homes appearance and a beautiful curb appeal is especially valuable if you’re looking to sell your property.

Do you want a clean driveway without the hassle of washing it yourself? Save time and physically exertion by calling EvenFlow services. We are Delaware most reliable pressure washing company for New Castle county. Our technicians will reclaim your driveway from years of wear and tear. Contact us today for a fast- free estimate 302-266-0332

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