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Before you hire a gutter cleaner in Delaware make sure to ask these questions to protect your home and your wallet.

1) Are you fully insured? Before anyone works on your gutter system you will want to ensure that the company will be held liable if someone gets hurts on your property or your Delaware property gets damaged. Ensuring they carry insurance will help you to not be liable in the event of an unexpected accident. If a company is professional, they will carry full coverage insurance and if they don’t – call someone who does. 302-266-0332

2) Will the company provide you a detailed description of the work they will provide? Before you have someone climb on the roof to clean your gutters make sure you know precisely what you should expect from them. Ask for before and after photos so you can see that the gutters are cleaned. Ask if they will blow off your roof from debris or bag up the junk their pulling out of your gutters. While most gutter cleaning companies are honest, hard working men you do want to ensure that you get everything in writing.

3) Did the contractor pay attention to what you were saying, and do they care enough to listen to what your needs and wants are?

Many gutter cleaners assume they know the issues before you tell them the problem but asking the right questions will ensure your satisfied with the gutter cleaning services you receive. If they care about you, they will provide not only a great job but excellent customer service.

4) Does the contractor have good ideas that make sense for my home? It is a contractors job to explore all options for a situation, and given their “expertise”, they should be able to provide you with the best solution. One of the things EvenFlow offers in addition to gutter cleaning is gutter tune-ups. This is a service I highly recommend as Gutter tune-ups will ensure your gutters are in tip top shape and able to do their job of funneling water away from your exterior.

5) Does their company have a professional appearance? There are many companies who are here today but done tomorrow, wouldn’t it be nice to know that you never have to worry with collecting bids or waiting around for the gutter guys to arrive? Check into the company, look at their website and read their reviews. Is a great way to know what others in the New Castle county area have to say about the company. You also want to know if someone is going to answer when you call or promptly return your call. These are the types of gutter guys you want to entrust as they will show up on time and they care about their reputation as a professional gutter cleaner.

6) Does the company stand behind their work?

It’s wise to find a gutter contractor that will stand behind their work so if there is a problem you know you are in safe hands. We offer a 100% guarantee on all gutter services we provide from gutter cleaning to gutter repairs, gutter installation, gutter guards and more so that our customers always have peace of mind and know they can trust us.

7) Does the company provide their work or use subcontractors? Many contractors make a living by subbing out the work and managing a project. While this is a fine practice for some, it often results in inflated prices for the homeowner and “cheaper” subcontractors doing the work. When working with subs, a client can have many different people and companies in and out of their house, that they don’t know and have never met. Specialty contractors are typically experts in one area of construction and are able to do it for less cost and more efficiently.

8) How long have they been cleaning gutters? Every business must start out somewhere, but most of us are not willing to let a contractor experiment on our home. Make sure they know what they are doing and will do the job correctly the first time. Make sure they can provide references and referrals to ensure the company your using is not here today and gone tomorrow.

When you are seeking a gutter cleaning company in the Bear DE, Wilmington DE, Newark DE, New Castle DE, who takes pride in their work, gets the job done quickly and efficiently and will treat you and their home the way they are call EvenFlow Services for a free quote today.

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