The kids are heading back to school, preseason football started last night, and fall is merely six weeks away. Where did this summer go? If your family is anything like ours- time flies fast, especially as we head into the last few months of the year when life is more hectic. We thoughts we would give everyone a head starts to get your home ready to transition from the summer into the fall by sharing a few Fall preparation tips for Delaware homeowners that you can start doing now so that when we head into this hectic season all we have to do is hang a wreath and light a few pumpkin spice candles.

Clean, repair, and if necessary, replace your gutters.

The fall months which start September 22nd can be a destructive time of the year, especially for Delaware so to skip these disastrous headaches let’s get the gutters clean, repaired, and if necessary, replaced. Many homeowners take their gutter’s ability to drain rain away from their home unless the gutters become over clogged and the potential for flooding occurs during the next rainstorm. Gutters need TLC, this means you need to have your gutters cleaned no less than twice a year and possibly more depending on the number of trees you have on your property in order for your gutters to do their job effectively. When gutters become clogged you risk having your interior become flooded and trust me it cost far more to hire a water mitigation company than it does to call a gutter cleaning company on Delaware.

How To Know If Your Gutters Need Repairs?

When gutters go without cleaning for too long this can also cost you far more because they likely will need to be repaired. Here are signs your gutters need to be repaired:

· Holes, Cracks, or Rusted Gutters

· Broken or Missing Gutter Fasteners

· Fascia Board is loose or Missing Nails

If your gutters are separated from each other or they are pulling away from your roof you may need more than minor repairs, it may require you to have your gutters replaced.

Check For Drafts

If you want to stay nice and warm as the temperature, drop then spend some time checking your home from drafts. The areas that are most prone for warm air to escape are your doors, recess lighting, electrical outlets, and windows. The heat lost through cracks in windows is responsible for 25-30 percent of heating energy use. The best way to check for drafts stand next to your windows and doors and see if you feel any type of breeze or go now and buy your first pumpkin spice candle of the season, lit it, and if the flame flickers out then you know there is a draft close by. If you discover you have a draft, then call a local handyman who can replace your weatherstripping for far less than the money you would spend trying to heat up your home this fall or visit the local hardware store and do it yourself. While you’re checking your windows this is also a good time to do window cleaning. With the kids being home more often during the summer there is more grime and fingerprints left behind that can block your view and chances are as summer leaves and fall appears you will begin spending more time indoors so window cleaning will give you a great view from inside without having to deal with the cold.

Do Your Finally Power Washing For The Year

If you have outdoor BBQ or patio furniture you may want to consider moving them inside and then having your patio or deck power washed before the fall because once temperatures drop the water freezes up making power washing that you want to do have to be delayed until spring. Also, while the temperatures are still warm to power washing your patio make sure to check stairs and hand railing to make sure that if someone starts to slip on snow or ice the railing can support them and prevent a fall.

Fertilize Your Lawn

As temperature change so does your lawn and landscaping needs, the best way to stay ahead of the curve is to prepare your lawn for fall and winter. Preparation is always half the battle with any home project you take on. Speaking of preparation now is a good time as any to test your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide devices to ensure they are working in case of any unexpected emergencies. Also if you forgot to change the batteries when the time changed, make sure you do so now.

Get your fireplace in working order

I know right now you may not be considering ways to stay warm this coming winter, but time doesn’t stand still so making sure your fireplace inserts are tightly sealed and your chimney has no cracks and is cleaned and ready for chestnuts roasting on an open fire and jack frost nipping at your nose is a great project for August. Speaking of chimneys can you believe it’s only 134 days until Santa comes! This also means it’s only 12 weeks until we kick off our 2021 Christmas light installation services.

Christmas Light Installation Starts in 12 Weeks

Delaware Christmas Lights Installation

Okay don’t hate on me for mentioning lights before Halloween but we have a limited number of times to share with our customers our Christmas light installation services in Delaware. Since this s only our 2nd year we are planting the seeds early we start taking orders on September 1st for holiday lighting. If you are considering hiring a professional to install your Delaware Christmas this fall, please give us a call or for pressure washing, gutter cleaning, gutter repairs, or window cleaning. Our team does it all with just one call to 302-266-0332

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